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Hyakkimaru feat. Sayoko Kamitsure

Hyakkimaru x Sculptor: Sayoko Kamitsure

From the popular anime series “Dororo” comes a scale figure of Hyakkimaru by sculptor Sayoko Kamitsure! While preserving the design from the anime, Sayoko Kamitsure has recreated Hyakkimaru in stunning detail, posed as though having just finished a battle. While the figure itself is not flashy, the atmosphere of the world of Dororo has been expertly captured. Be sure to add Hyakkimaru to your collection.

Comment from Sculptor Sayoko Kamitsure:
I set out to sculpt Hyakkimaru in a way that captured his intensity and conviction from the front, while preserving a sense of loneliness when viewed from the back.

I sculpted his prosthetic limbs with particular care, first by simulating articulated joints and then sculpting them to look as though they are actually movable. The differences between his real leg and prosthetic leg really stand out on the rock base, making it quite a visually appealing part of the figure.

From the anime series Dororo comes a scale figure of Hyakkimaru!

Beneath his windblown outfit, you can catch glimpses of both his bare skin and his prosthetic limbs.

Not only is the sculpting impressive, but you can see how different surfaces have been painted to portray different textures too!

Taking a look at his real foot next to his prosthetic foot shows just how realistic the paintwork is! Differences like this are just so pleasing to look at.

Take a look at his expression too! While it’s outwardly somewhat withdrawn and quiet, you can tell there is a fire burning inside.

While the pose is quite simple, the emotion and atmosphere it conveys really changes depending on your viewing angle!

▲Looking from below gives a sense of tension, though his pose remains relaxed. 

▲Viewing from the back gives you a look at how his hair and outfit are blown by the wind, making for a more intense look.

▲Taking a look from the side with his eyes hidden really emphasizes the prosthetic arm held in his mouth.

▲Taking a look from the side, you can feel the strength of his physique and pose.

It all depends on the viewing angle, time of day and even the person looking, but it’s incredible that Sayoko Kamitsure was able to create such a dynamic figure in such a seemingly simple pose!

Being able to take a look from every angle is really one of the most fun things about figures! Personally I love looking from this angle at head height.

Be sure to find your favorite angle when you take him home!

Hyakkimaru feat. Sayoko Kamitsure

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