(Today’s blog comes from Hiro Tanaka (@gsc_hiro), planning supervisor of the MODEROID series!)

From February 18th to March 11th, we conducted the second MODEROID series survey to ask you, the fans, about what kind of robots you want to see join the MODEROID series!

Not only is the MODEROID series popular in Japan, but there are many fans internationally!

In fact, more than half of all MODEROID shipments have gone to places outside of Japan!

Without further ado, let’s see what topped the list for the MODEROID survey for voters outside of Japan!

Here is the…


※Items are sorted in alphabetical order

※Japanese Survey results are not included in this list.

Here is a better look at the names of each robot if it’s hard to see above!

 ↓ ↓ ↓

6 robots in the top 10 are from the Brave series!!

Within Japan, several companies have their own lines of plastic models from the Brave series, so perhaps a lot of Japanese voters voted for different robots on purpose, but that wasn’t the case in these results!

If anything, it shows that no matter where you are in the world, the Brave series is certainly popular!

I can’t say for sure that we’ll be able to throw our hat in the ring when it comes to Brave series plastic models, but I’ll do what I can to support the fans!

There were several votes for Gurren Lagann (as it appeared in the anime series) as well. If you voted for Gurren Lagann, Be sure to check out SENTINEL’s recently announced PLAIOBOT Gurren Lagann plastic model!


One of the members of the production team worked with us on MODEROID Mazinkaiser, so you can be sure it will be high-quality!

Next, let’s take a look at entries 11-30!

※Items are sorted in alphabetical order

 Here’s an enlarged version!

  ↓ ↓

Evangelion and Getter Robo were popular requests in English-speaking countries!

Daikengo had several votes from Italy!!

Much like Japan, there were a lot of votes for Tetsujin28 and its variations!

There are a lot of combining mecha in this list, but for me the most surprising was…


Yes, the guest mecha El Dora V from Gun x Sword managed to top the series’ main mecha Dann of Thursday in the top 30!

…wait wait wait, there’s no way!!

I double-checked and triple-checked the numbers! It really is that popular!

There were a lot of people voting for it along with Brave series mechas, actually!

(By the way, El Dora Soul is counted separately, but if you add in those votes, it goes up even more.)

(I checked the Japanese results and El Dora V is sitting right at 100.)

With the help of all of our amigos across the world, maybe we’ll be able to give some lesser known robots a chance at a plastic model kit!?

Thank you to everyone across the world for your votes!

Stay tuned for whatever is coming next in the MODEROID series!

Hiro Tanaka (@gsc_hiro)


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