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I can’t believe 2020 is almost 1/4th of the way over already! Time flies!

Today I want to introduce Good Smile Company’s figure series…


POP UP PARADE Special Site


POP UP PARADE is Good Smile Company’s new easy-to-collect ¥3900 figure series!



POP UP PARADE figures feature intricate sculpting and gradated paintwork to faithfully bring out the charm of each character while costing just ¥3900.


Each figure stands around 17-18cm in height—a perfect size for displaying them in a dedicated display case, shelf or even on your desk!


POP UP PARADE figures are planned to release just four months after preorders close.


Featuring characters from a plethora of different anime series and games, the POP UP PARADE series is constantly growing to include all of your favorites. High quality at a low price point makes it easy for your favorite characters to POP UP into your collection!

POP UP PARADE figures are high quality and low price, making them a great addition to any collection!

I talked to two staff members at Good Smile Company that work with the POP UP PARADE series to get some more information! ⸜( ॑꒳ ॑  )⸝

Left: Tori Bird Right: Takagi


First, tell me a little bit about what you do at Good Smile Company!

Tori Bird: 

In addition to the POP UP PARADE series, I work on making capsule toy and plastic model products!

I also supervised the launch of Good Smile Company’s Lucky Factory in Tottori prefecture, and handle product planning for the With Fans! label with Bandai Namco Arts!


I mainly handle the POP UP PARADE series, but have helped with products like Super Sonico: Libra Ver.  and the Fate/Grand Order Toto-sama Plushie.


Tori Bird has done all kinds of projects in the planning team, including things like supervising the creation of the chibi design for MODEROID Gurren Lagann, and Takagi is on the team that makes plushies here!

The two of you wear many hats when it comes to planning team activities! And now the POP UP PARADE series has reached its 1st Anniversary!

Tori Bird:

Starting with the first figure, Hastsune Miku, the series has now reached figures 16 and 17—Izuku Midoriya and Katsuki Bakugo!

POP UP PARADE Hatsune Miku(Release Date: June 2019)△



We recently revamped the POP UP PARADE special site too for its 1st anniversary!



I want to ask you both four things about the POP UP PARADE series!

① How did this series get its start?

② What is the meaning behind the name?

③ What separates this series from other products?

④ What’s coming in the future?

■① How did this series get its start?■

Tori Bird:

When you think of Good Smile Company, I think primarily you think of the Nendoroid series and scale figures.

Recent advances in technology have made it possible to create even more complex and detailed scale figures, but as the quality increases, the cost and the time required to produce them increases as well.


We asked ourselves if there was any way to deliver a high quality product that was easier to collect as kind of an entry model when it comes to figures. That’s where the POP UP PARADE series comes in.

Tori Bird:

The series is made to have lower prices and quicker releases, allowing people who’ve never collected figures before to feel the charm of figures without breaking the bank.

■② What is the meaning behind the name?■


POP UP, as in your favorite characters POPPING UP into the series, and PARADE, as in lining up your collection into one big PARADE of figures!

Tori Bird:

We’re excited to make even more characters from even more series and hope people enjoy collecting them!

■③ What separates this series from other products?■

Tori Bird:

There are four particular highlights of the POP UP PARADE series.

First is the price.

POP UP PARADE figures each cost ¥3900 each. We’re dedicated to maintaining this price point, so the price stayed the same even after the sales tax increase in Japan last year.

Even though the figures are lower priced doesn’t necessarily mean we sacrificed the details though! Each figure faithfully brings the character it is based on to life, with detailed sculpting and gradated paintwork.

Next is the quality.

Like other product series by Good Smile Company, POP UP PARADE figures are carefully checked by planning supervisors at every step in the production process, from the initial sculpt to final paintwork, in order to ensure the quality is on par with other Good Smile Company products.


Third is product images!

In order to show how easy it is to collect and display POP UP PARADE figures, each product page features display examples along with the standard images!

POP UP PARADE Joker (Release Date: April 2020)△


Finally, fourth is packaging.

POP UP PARADE figures feature clear packaging! The box was designed so that once you take the figure out and attach the base, you can use the box as a display case of sorts as well!

■④ What’s coming in the future?■

Tori Bird:

In addition to seasonal series and characters, POP UP PARADE figures that feature legendary characters from past series are also in the works! We’re also aiming to create figures for series that have a lot of fans overseas as well! 


Max Factory is going to begin making POP UP PARADE figures as well going forward, so the series is set to grow even faster in the future! We’re working to make new releases on a regular, frequent schedule!




Stay tuned for more coming soon!

POP UP PARADE Special Site



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“My First Nendoroid” Campaign

The Nendoroid series has reached over #1000 figures thanks to you, our dedicated fans.
Take a moment to remember your very first Nendoroid and how it was a special moment in your life!
Using “First” as a theme, we present the “My First Nendoroid” photo campaign!
Every month you have the chance to receive the latest Nendoroids as prizes for your photo.
Starting this month you’ll have the chance to win the latest Nendoroids as prizes for your
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◆Theme: “First”◆ 

Photos of your Nendoroids with “First” as a theme!

Example: The first Nendoroid I ever bought was Nendoroid XXX!

Example: The first Nendoroid I took with me to the ocean was Nendoroid YYY!


◆Entry Period◆

Until April 2020


◆Application Guidelines/How to Enter/Contest Rules◆


Every month, five winners will each receive two of the latest Nendoroids as a prize!


Most Good Smile Company products are made to order, so if you want to be sure that you get your hands on them preordering is always the safest bet! Make sure you don’t miss out! (∩・∀・)∩


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