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My favorite kind of donut is a french cruller!

Anyway, today I’ll be taking a look at…

Nendoroid Aoi Miyamori

From the anime series “SHIROBAKO” comes a Nendoroid of Musashino Animation’s Production Desk’s Aoi Miyamori! She comes with three face plates including her energetic standard expression, her panicking expression and her tired expression.

Of course, a donut is included as an optional part, along with a peg bar, envelopes holding key frames and a company phone! A car featuring the company logo is also included! Be sure to add her to your collection!

From Musashino Animation’s Production Desk, Aoi Miyamori has been transformed into an adorable Nendoroid!

She’s dressed in her office casual blue jacket!

The buttons on her sleeves have been sculpted on as well!

And look at those cute sneakers!

For optional parts, she comes with a peg bar and envelopes with key frames!

*A peg bar is a tool for holding down paper used for animation!

“I totally think donuts are all-seaon, almighty and all-okay.”

Of course, a donut is also included!

Donuts appear all the time in the show… it makes me hungry!

“Sometime in the future, no matter what…”“…the five of us…”

“…will make…”“…an animated…”


“Don-Don-Donuts, let’s go nuts!”

2.5 Years Later

In addition to her standard expression she also comes with her tired expression!

Her half open mouth and dark lines under her eyes really make an impression.

It’s hard work to be a production assistant!

As another optional part, she comes with the company car!

A look from all angles. Donut drift!

A steering wheel is also included!

You can easily display her tiredly driving with both hands on the wheel.

Continuing on, we have her panicking expression!

You see this expression a lot when the Production Desk is in a pinch…

Finally, she also comes with a company phone!

From progress updates to morning calls, the phone is vitally important to work!

You can see the buttons on the phone!

The coiled cord from the receiver is sculpted as well!

Nendoroid Aoi Miyamori

Available for preorder from the 14th of March (Thu)!

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