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Stephanie Dola: Bunny Ver.
(Available for preorder now!)

From the popular anime series “No Game No Life” comes a bunny figure of Stephanie Dola! Her supple body and charming smile are featured in a bright red bunny suit. Real net tights are also used for this large 1/4th scale figure. Be sure to add her to your collection! Display with the previously released Shiro: Bunny Ver. (sold separately) and the upcoming Jibril: Bunny Ver. (sold separately) for even more fun!

From “No Game No Life” comes Stephanie in a bunny outfit!

⇒Product details HERE

The princess of Elchea, the last kingdom of the Imanity: Stephanie Dola is now a 1/4th scale, 210mm tall figure! ♪

As is standard with B-style figures, real net tights are featured on this figure! ☆

Not just her body, but her beautiful hair has been expertly recreated as well!

The first figure of the series, Shiro: Bunny Ver. featured a white bunny outfit, but this time we have Stephanie in gorgeous red. (*/ω\*)

▲Release Date: 2018/11

That innocent looking face is adorable too…

The gap between her expression and her bunny suit clad body is wonderful! (・∀・)

I personally love this shot from the back, but be sure to find your favorite angle when you take her home!

By the way, here’s her size compared to an iPhone 7 Plus! ☆

…Who’s that cute girl in front of the iPhone??

Let’s take a look! ♪

Stephanie Dola: Dog Ver.
(Available for preorder now!)

From the popular anime series “No Game No Life” comes a scale figure of Stephanie Dola in her dog form! Is there any other girl who looks this great in dog ears!? The figure is packed full of details and provides great views at any angle. At a palm-sized 1/12th scale, she is easy to display almost anywhere. Display with the previously released Shiro: Cat Ver. (sold separately) and the upcoming Jibril: Fairy Shampoo Ver. (sold separately) for even more fun!

Dog ears really do look great on Steph!

⇒Product details HERE

Stephanie’s dog form is now a bold 1/12th scale figure! ♡

There is a 3mm joint in her neck, allowing you to change the angle for a different nuance!

After Shiro: Cat Ver. this is the second figure of the series.

She’s wearing an adorable frilled apron, but…

…that’s about it! ( >ノω<)

Her dog ears and tail are the major motif of this figure! ♪

The gradation and fine sculpting of her hair and hair ornament is another highlight! ₍₍(∩´ ᵕ `∩)⁾⁾

Big or small, they’re both great!

Be sure to add them to your collection! ♥

Stephanie Dola: Bunny Ver.

Stephanie Dola: Dog Ver.

Available for preorder now!

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