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Nendoroid Schwi

From the anime movie “No Game No Life -Zero-” comes a Nendoroid of the ex-machina heroine, Schwi! She comes with three face plates including a standard expression, an expression with tears of joy from when Riku proposed to her and a smiling expression!

She also comes with both a hooded and hoodless head part for multiple display options. She comes with a chess piece, chessboard and the hair ornament from Corone as optional parts, along with a special left hand part featuring her ring. Be sure to add her to your collection!

“Let me be by your side. With you and you alone Riku, forever.”

The ex-machina Schwi has been transformed into an adorable Nendoroid! ♪

Her hoodie one piece with pom pom adorned strings and ear-like decorations has been recreated in Nendoroid size!

▲She looks so cute with that hood on!

Her loosely curled hair has been carefully recreated as well! ◎

▲The gradation of her hair has been captured too!

You can even display her with the hood off!

Front hair parts, hair parts and hood-down hood parts are included!(You can see the hood on her back!)

▲The unique hair coming from the top of her head is also included, of course! ♪

Along with the chess piece seen above, a folded chessboard is also included!

Enjoy displaying it in her hands like this! ((`・∀・´))

Her tail-like cables are jointed, allowing you to move them left and right to match her pose!

Her legs have been accurately recreated as well!

Be sure to check her legs under her one piece when you take her home!

As for face plates, she comes with her standard expression as well as her tears of joy expression from when Riku proposed to her! ☆

Let me be by your side.

With you and you alone Riku, forever.

As you can see on her finger…

It’s her ring! ( ;∀;)

The ring comes as the above special hand parts! Have fun displaying her with it!

Back to her expression, the tears of joy expression also looks great with her hood on! Take it from an overhead angle and…

Ah! She’s just so lovable!! (I would really recommend this angle!) |ω・)

Finally, her third expression is her smiling expression! ♪

I particularly love the shape of her mouth in this expression. So cute! (o´v`o)ノ

▲The hair ornament she received from Corone is included as well!

Have fun mixing and matching her optional parts and face plates to recreate your favorite scenes from the movie, as well as make your own original situations!

Be sure to add her to your collection!

Nendoroid Schwi

Available for preorder from the 28th February 2019 (Thu)!

Keep your eyes on the Good Smile Company official site for details!♪


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