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I recently heard that there’s a candy apple specialty store in Tokyo and I really want to go!

Anyway, today I’ll be taking a look at…

Nendoroid Wei Wuxian

From the popular Chinese animated series “The Master of Diabolism (Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation)” comes a Nendoroid of the protagonist, Wei Wuxian! He comes with three face plates including his standard expression, his cunning expression and his smiling expression.

For optional parts, he comes with his flute that he uses as a weapon, a jar of Emperor’s Smile liquor and his pet donkey’s beloved food – an apple! Be sure to add Nendoroid Wei Wuxian to your collection!

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This Nendoroid is brought to you by Good Smile Arts Shanghai!

Last year we founded Good Smile Arts Shanghai as a specialized team to bring you even more fantastic products based on Chinese properties. ◎

For example, Nendoroid Theresa: Magical Girl TeRiRi Ver. and Nendoroid Zeyan Li are both brought to you by Good Smile Arts Shanghai! ( ・ㅂ・)و ̑̑

This time, from the popular Chinese animated series “The Master of Diabolism (Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation)”, the protagonist Wei Wuxian has been transformed into an adorable Nendoroid! ★

When we opened preorders for him a few weeks ago, we received an incredible amount of feedback from fans across the globe! We’re excited to be able to bring him to you, the fans!

This time, I also asked the Planning Team supervisor for this product, Ren (@gsc_ren), about her favorite parts of the Nendoroid!

His beautiful layered clothing, windblown long hair and flute with red cord tied to it have all been recreated in Nendoroid size!

There is a joint where his hair is tied, allowing you to easily move it to match his pose! (・∀・)

He comes with three face plates, including his standard expression seen above, as well as his cunning expression!

◆Planning Team: Ren (@gsc_ren)

We wanted to capture his cute glancing eyes as though talking to Lan Wangji with this face plate! You can also have him hold his Donkey’s favorite food, an apple, making this pose even cuter! ♪

That open mouthed look is adorable! ◎

Part of the hair on the side of his head is also jointed, making for easy posing!

His third face plate is his smiling expression! ☆

◆Planning Team: Ren (@gsc_ren)

The perfect part to match with this slightly mischievous smiling expression is the jar of Emperor’s Smile liquor! I want to display him with Nendoroid Lan Wangji as soon as possible!

Parts of the jar have a glossy finish, making it look like the real thing! ♪

▲Special parts to have him hold it are included too!

Combine this smiling expression with the included special parts to pose his hands on his hips…

You get this adorable look! I would really recommend it! ♡

Finally, as seen at the beginning, he comes with his weapon: his flute! You can pose him like this! ◎

◆Planning Team: Ren (@gsc_ren)

The face plate used in this picture is his standard expression, but since his mouth is hidden by the flute, you get a bit of a different impression!

▲The gallant appearance of Wei Wuxian fighting with his flute!

Mix and match all of these parts to create your favorite display!

Be sure to add him to your collection!

Nendoroid Wei Wuxian

Available for preorder now!

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※Available for preorder at the GOODSMILE ONLINE SHOP until the 28th February 2019 (Thu) at 12:00JST!※

The following Nendoroid is also in the works! ((`・∀・´))

Nendoroid Lan Wangji

Stay tuned for more information!


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