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Today I’ll be taking a look at…

Nendroid Ash Lynx

From the anime series “BANANA FISH” comes a Nendoroid of the street gang boss Ash Lynx! He comes with three face plates including a standard expression, a shouting expression for when he’s engaged in combat and a rarely seen smiling expression, reserved only for those he trusts.

For optional parts he comes with his pendant, gun and knife. Have fun recreating scenes of him in combat and in everyday life. Be sure to add him to your collection and look out for Nendoroid Eiji Okumura becoming available for preorder soon!

“If he isn’t safe, I’m worthless.”

The 180 IQ street gang leader Ash Lynx has been transformed into a Nendoroid!

Everything from his beautiful blonde hair and eyes to his distressed jeans has been carefully recreated!

▲Yellow and black… you can feel the danger!

His shirt wrapped around his waist is removable! ♪

Let’s take a look at his legs!

His sneakers and jeans have been perfectly sculpted.

▲Those distressed jeans are so cute!

He comes with three face plates including a gallant standard expression as well as a shouting expression!

Different from the typically quiet Ash, this expression shows his gang member side.

For optional parts, he comes with his knife! Even in Nendoroid size you can enjoy recreating fight scenes from the show.

Not only is Ash great with a knife, but another weapon as well… for when he needs to hit the enemy right between the eyes…

His gun is also included!

It’s Ash’s revolver!

▲The gun and knife both feature detailed sculpts.

Next, he also comes with his pendant!

What is “BANANA FISH”…

The words that set his destiny in motion…

Finally, his third face plate is his

smiling expression!

Here he doesn’t look like a gang boss or like he’s on the run from the mafia…

it’s just the smile of a normal 17-year-old boy.

And the one he shows this smile to is…

▲Nendoroid Eiji Okumura will be coming very soon!

Be sure to add him to your collection!

Nendoroid Ash Lynx

Available for preorder from the 31st of January (Thu)!

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