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Today I’ll be taking a look at Phat! Company’s

Shiro: Tuck up ver.

From the anime series “No Game No Life” comes a 1/7th scale figure of the younger of the Kuuhaku gamer siblings – Shiro!

This figure features an embarrassed Shiro lifting up her skirt! No Game No Life’s unique color palette has been carefully recreate in the paintwork, and the figure showcases many fine details such as her rarely shown embarrassed expression, her charmingly designed underwear and set-aside knee socks and loafers. In addition, a chibi figure of Tet is included, allowing you to customize your display to your liking!

A slightly different-than-usual version of Shiro!

From “No Game No Life” comes a scale figure of Kuuhaku’s Shiro! ◎

The figure has plenty of highlights, but first I want to point out the detailed paintwork and attention taken to sculpting her fluttering hair! ( • ̀ω•́ )b ✧

▲Here is a 360 degree look! ♪

Her knee socks and loafers have been cast aside, lying at her feet on the chessboard-themed base. ◎

If you look closely, you can see her socks have been painted with purple and pink paint to represent light and dark areas from shadows.

It’s a small detail, but the gradation gives the figure an astounding sense of depth when looked at from the front. ☆

This figure is the 7th in Phat! Company’s series of “No Game No Life” figures! ヾ(`・ω・´)ノ


▲Initially released May 2016


▲Initially released August 2017


▲Release date: September 2018

Jibril: Great War Ver.

▲Release date: October 2018

Stephanie Dola

▲Release date: May 2019

Izuna Hatsuse

▲Release date: October 2019

I asked the planning supervisor of the item at Phat! Company, Takamatsu (@Phat_stuff ), about what he thought some of the highlights of this figure were! ♪

(Sculpting) This figure features the same high level of detail that our figures usually feature, but I really want to draw attention to the hair for this piece.

There’s several winding strands of hair in complex patterns, such as the strand slightly curving around her right leg. Speaking of her right leg, other small details like how the big toe of her right foot is slightly lifted also cannot be missed!



(Paintwork) The paintwork features fine detail that works to bring out the beauty of the sculpt itself.

Her hair also features different colors on the front and back side, another highlight.

The gradation of her uniform is also stunning.

The sculpting and paintwork under her skirt is top-notch too.

(The figure is packed with details not only from the front, but from the back as well.)

▲Check it out when you take her home! (*´˘`*)

A miniature figure is included this time as well!

This time Tet is included! ☆

Though small, the level of detail is still incredible! ٩(ˊᗜˋ*)و

▲He also comes with a special base, allowing you to freely display him however you’d like. ♪

Be sure to add her to your collection!

Shiro: Tuck up ver.

Available for preorder from the 29th of January (Tue)!

Keep an eye on the Phat! Company official site or the Good Smile Company official site for details! ♪


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