Hello everyone!! Kahotan here! (@gsc_kahotan)

I was able to get my preorder in for IDOLiSH7’s 1st Live Blu-ray Box!

Now I just have to wait until January..!

Anyway, today I’ll be taking a look at…

Nendoroid Tenn Kujo

From the smartphone game “IDOLiSH7” comes a Nendoroid of TRIGGER’s center, Tenn Kujo! He comes with three face plates including his composed standard expression, his angelic winking expression and the blusing expression he sometimes shows in the game!

For optional parts, he comes with glasses and a mask, so you can enjoy Tenn in his more casual appearance. Enjoy displaying the cute-and-professional Tenn in a variety of different situations! Nendoroid Riku Nanase (sold separately) is also scheduled to become available for preorder soon!

“Hey, don’t get too crazy.”

The center of TRIGGER and always-perfect idol who accepts nothing less than perfection: Tenn Kujo has been transformed into an adorable Nendoroid!

His light, asymmetrical hairstyle has been carefully recreated!

▲This hairstyle… even in Nendoroid form it is so detailed! ◎

His standard expression has a cool and composed vibe, with a hint of mischief!

▲I love his suspenders peeking out from under his cardigan! ( ˘ω˘)

For his next face plate, we have his angelic winking expression!

Finally, his blushing expression is also included!

His raised eyebrows, blushing cheeks and open mouth… this expression is so adorable!

Seeing the usually composed Tenn with such a cute expression…! My heart!!!

By the way when I took the above picture I imagined him saying his “Hey, don’t get too crazy.” line from the game! It really helped.

He comes with the following optional parts! (੭ु´ ᐜ ` )੭ु⁾

Since this is a casual clothes version, he comes with a mask and glasses so you can enjoy him the way he looks in his daily life!

▲The glasses attach directly to his front hair parts!

Such a rare thing to see him in his off-time like this! Putting his blushing expression on…

His cheeks and mouth are hidden, but you can see his eyebrows!

The mask and glasses can both be attached individually as well!

▲I love this blushing expression so much… Most of the pictures I took today were of this expression!

Enjoy changing his face plates and optional parts to make all kinds of different expressions!ヽ(o´∀`o)ノ

Be sure to add the adorable center of TRIGGER to your collection!

Nendoroid Tenn Kujo

He’ll be available for preorder from the 23rd of October (Tue)!

Keep your eyes on the ORANGE ROUGE official site or the Good Smile Company official site for details!

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The following item is currently in planning!

Nendoroid Riku Nanase

We’re working towards opening preorders for him during Nendoroid Tenn Kujo’s preorder period, so look forward to him coming soon!


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