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I love kitsune udon! Whether it’s the kind with one piece of tofu laid out on top or with sliced pieces on top, they’re both good! (º﹃º )

Anyway, today I’ll be taking a look at…

Nendoroid Noja Loli Ojisan

The popular virtual YouTuber Noja Loli Ojisan is joining the Nendoroids! One face plate is included of Noja Loli Ojisan’s never-changing, lovable standard expression. A rice ball, chocolate snack sticks and various phrase plates are included as optional parts! Have fun creating various scenes from Noja Loli Ojisan’s videos!

“It’s a curel world Noja!”

Virtual YouTuber Noja Loli Ojisan (Nekomasu) has arrived as an adorable Nendoroid!

The lovely miko-esque costume and patterned skirt have been recreated with care! A joint is featured in the tail, allowing you to move it left or right while posing for the perfect look! ٩( ‘ω’ )و

While maintaining the cute appearance of Noja Loli Ojisan, all of those cute features have been brought down to Nendoroid size. That signature voice comes to mind quickly after seeing this Nendoroid…

And check out that “It’s a cruel world Noja!” phrase plate and stand!

“The world’s not so cruel!” phrase plate is included as well! Only one face plate is included to match Noja Loli Ojisan’s single expression, but through different poses and phrase plates it really feels like the expression changes!

As for optional parts we have an onigiri as well as…

Vruum/  \ Vruum

Choco snack stick blades!


Have fun creating your own sound effects while playing with these! ★

An “Ah, my ears are totally broken” phrase plate is included as well!

And as you may have noticed… Interchangeable bent ear parts are included as well! ★

You can really see the difference comparing them to the ears in the previous pictures in the blog! ∑(・ω・ノ)ノ!

Despite being soft fox ears you can certainly tell how bent they are!

So, while only one face plate is included, various optional parts are included, making for a fun, feature-filled Nendoroid.

Have fun recreating all sorts of poses when you take the Nendoroid home! ★

Nendoroid Noja Loli Ojisan

Available for preorder from the 12th of October (Fri)!

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