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Anyway, today I’ll be taking a look at

Nendoroid Ichigo!

From the popular anime “DARLING in the FRANXX” comes a Nendoroid of Ichigo in her school uniform! Face plates include her firm standard expression, her somewhat delicate smiling expression, as well as a crying expression.

Optional parts include a ceremonial mantle and hat, hand-in-pocket hand parts, as well as a cat. Using the included sitting position parts, you can recreate scenes of Ichigo playing with the cat!

“We’ll build a home and wait for you!”

From “DARLING in the FRANXX” comes the leader of the children and star student, Ichigo, in adorable Nendoroid size!  ★

Her signature hairstyle and neat appearance have been carefully recreated! ◎

▲Her sock garters are clearly sculpted and painted too! っ(∩・∀・)∩


Her ceremonial mantle and hat are also included!ヽ(゚∀゚ヽ 三 ノ゚∀゚)ノ

▲Even her expression appears a little more gallant than before!

They’re very easy to put on and take off, so have fun mixing and matching to create your favorite look! ♪

▲The mantle has a hole for the support arm as well! ◎

She includes three face plates! Besides her standard expression, she also comes with a crying expression, overflowing with cuteness. You may remember seeing that face in episode six, when she was so happy to see Hiro return alive!

her somewhat delicate, heart-piercing smiling expression is also included! ◎

She’s laughing, but it looks like she could start crying at any moment…such a tender, subtle smile. (`;ω;´)

But if you pose her with one of her beloved cats…

She looks much more calm! ( ´>ω<`)

In order to create the scene of her playing with that snuggly black cat, special sitting position skirt and leg parts are also included! The cat figurine is included as well! ◎

I recommend mixing and matching her sitting pose parts with all of her face plates! ♪

▲Please enjoy Ichigo’s various expressions and emotions!

Be sure to add Squad 13’s leader to your collection!

Nendoroid Ichigo

She’ll be available for preorder from the 28th of August! 

Keep your eyes on the Good Smile Company website for more details!


This item is also available for preorder now!  ☆

MODEROID Strelitzia

*Image shows a fully painted, fully built example model. Please note that the image shown may differ from the final product.

From the anime series “DARLING in the FRANXX” comes a plastic model kit of the FRANXX that Hiro and Zero Two ride, Strelitzia! The “Steel Lady” has been carefully supervised by series mechanical designer Shigeto Koyama, and modeled with great care by sakanoryo (dragon studio)! The elegant design of the mecha has been captured in beautiful detail for fans to enjoy building and displaying in their collection!

The model stands approximately 18cm tall when built and features runners separated into four colors (white, red, yellow, grey) as well as partially pre-painted parts which allow the model to look amazing simply by being put together! The joints of the build model are articulated allowing for various poses, and the face parts comes in two different versions: a pre-painted version and a blank version that can be completed with stickers.

The model also comes with the Queen Pike approximately 27cm in length, a shield and a stand to hold the model in place. The cables on the Queen Pike are made from a soft material.

The true form of the “Steel Lady”, Strelitzia!

⇒Product details HERE

Available for preorder at the GOODSMILE ONLINE SHOP until the 30th of August (THU) at 12:00pm JST!

●What is MODEROID?

MODEROID is a new model kit series brought to you by Good Smile Company! the MODEROID series features simple construction based on colored parts; by corresponding the colored parts with included color runner parts, you can easily construct a displayable model. Models are made from PS and hard ABS plastic, and can easily be painted with additional paintwork for an even more amazing look. the MODEROID series are model kits ideal for both figure and plastic model fans to enjoy! Starting from the first model kit, Mazinkaiser, model kits from various titles are in planning!

●MODEROID Special Website

http://www.goodsmile.info/ja/moderoid/ (Japanese)



The following item is also in planning! ♪


Stay tuned for more details!ヽ(*´∀`)ノ


Preorder Deadlines!!

Preorders for many products at the GOODSMILE ONLINE SHOP are closing soon! Here are the products closing 30th August 2018 (Thu) at 12:00JST!


Most Good Smile Company products are made to order, so if you want to be sure that you get your hands on them preordering is always the safest bet! Make sure you don’t miss out! (∩・∀・)∩


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