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Kaho-tan here.  (@gsc_kahotan )  And boy would I like a nice hot bath!

Why do you ask?  The answer lies within the figure we’ll be looking at today… !

Available for pre-order as we speak, it’s

Nendoroid Geralt!

From the globally acclaimed open world RPG “The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt” comes a Nendoroid of the White Wolf, Geralt of Rivia! The Nendoroid is fully articulated allowing you to easily pose him in combat scenes, and he comes with both his steel and silver swords which can both be equipped to suit the situation! A hand of Gwent cards is also included to display him enjoying a round of the mini-game from the series!
Along with his standard serious face plate, he also comes with an interchangeable face plate that captures the veins along his face when he overdoses on decoctions and potions! In addition, the iconic bathing scene at the start of the game can also be recreated with the included bath parts! Recreate all sorts of scenes from the world of the Witcher in adorable Nendoroid size!

Geralt of Rivia is joining the Nendoroids!

From a game series that celebrated its 10th anniversary last year, we present this cute little Nendoroid of  Geralt the White Wolf, from the open world RPG “The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt!”

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His brawny bod, rustic costume, half-up hairdo, and wild beard have all been meticulously detailed in SD form!

▲Strapped to his back are the steel sword, silver sword, and crossbow… !

Both of the swords can be equipped in either his left or his right hand, so go with whichever looks best for the post you’re trying to achieve! ε=(。・д・。)

He also comes with a flame effect part, so you can marvel at his use of the Igni magical sign attack as well as his swordsmanship in battle!

For expressions, he comes with a standard serious expression that captures his cool and collected character, as well as a face covered in straining capillaries, seen when he imbibes too many decoctions and potions. (/ω\)

His eyes narrow and teeth clench, as the poisons in them tear away at his body…

A fearsome side of Geralt you can also enjoy in Nendoroid form.  ε-(o´ω`o)

There are also card parts included, from the popular mini-game Gwent!

▲You can pose him enjoying a round of cards! ヽ(゚∀゚ヽ 三 ノ゚∀゚)ノ

But that’s not all… !

He also comes with bathing parts, so you can recreate the scene of Geralt taking a bath, which appears right after the game’s opening movie!!

His arms and feet are submerged in the water, so all you have to do is insert the head and neck joint to the bath.

▲There are even ripples in the water –  a hallmark of true craftsmanship!

Whether it be his menacingly gallant side or his more laid-back side, you’ll want to add this charming Geralt to your collection! ★

Nendoroid Geralt

Available for preorder right now!

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Available for preorder at the Goodsmile Online Shop until 31st May (Fri) at 12pm JST, so don’t miss out!

Nendoroid Geralt(At the Goodsmile Online Shop)


Last but not least, I wanted to share this video with you! ε-(o´ω`o)

Well, what do you think… ?

The time Geralt spends with Nendoroid Geralt is so cute… !  It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside… !

You can find more info about the Geralt coplayer in the video here⇒ https://www.facebook.com/maulcosplay/



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