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Hello everyone!! Kahotan here! (@gsc_kahotan)

Today I’m going to be taking a look at this item by FREEing which is currently up for preorder…
Eriri Spencer Sawamura: Bunny Ver.!

From the anime series “Saekano: How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend” comes a 1/4th scale figure of the up-and-coming doujin illustrator, Eriri Spencer Sawamura, dressed up in a sexy bunny girl outfit! The figure captures all of Eriri’s charm in an impressive 1/4th scale, ensuring all the details illustrated by the original character designer Kurehito Misaki have been faithfully preserved on the figure.

She has an embarrassed expression on her face that captures her tsundere personality perfectly for fans to enjoy by their side! Both Utaha Kasumigaoka and Megumi Kato have also been announced in the B-style bunny girl figure series, so be sure to display all the Saekano bunny girls together!


Now we have a trio of Saekano bunny girls!!ヽ(*´Д`*)ノ

Left: Megumi Kato: Bunny Ver.
Center: Utaha Kasumigaoka: Bunny Ver.

All three starting female members of blessing software are altogether in beautiful bunny outfits! Eriri is wearing a sexy red outfit and high heels that all have a smooth and shiny paint job which brings out the texture nicely!

The figure is 1/4th scale making it a very impressive size for any collection, and as fans of FREEing’s bunny girl series have come to know, she also comes with net tights made from real fabric for an amazingly authentic appearance!

Even the back seam of the tights has been faithfully included on these figures!! The attention to detail for these net tights has always amazed me! Plus from this angle you can see how she is adjusting the bunny suit!

Just look at the sexy twist in her hips… and that belly button!

You really get a good feel for just how tight that bunny girl outfit is! Even though her bust is a little smaller than the other two, with a tight outfit like this even Eriri has more than enough to look sexy!! The curves from her bottom down to her thighs are perfect! ((´д`●))三((●´д`))

Also take a look at the cute pose with her mouth slightly open!

▲ She looks so defenceless!!

All the finer details of her body have also been faithfully captured! Those lovely twin-tails and the hand close to her chest…

Be sure to add her to your collection and enjoy her from all sorts of different angles once she joins your collection! ♥

Eriri Spencer Sawamura: Bunny Ver.!

She is currently up for preorder! 


Plus don’t forget this this item is still available for preorder!
Megumi Kato: Bunny Ver.!


Displaying all three of the original blessing software girls together for the full bunny girl collection effect! ♡

Utaha Kasumigaoka: Bunny Ver. is also up for rerelease! ♥



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