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Today I’m going to be taking a look at a much darker item than usual! You may want to close the page if you’re not a fan of the more horror style of figures!

I’ll be taking a look at an item from threezero currently up for preorder!
1/6 Big Daddy & Little Sister!

1/6 Big Daddy collectible figure stands approximately 12.5” (~31.5cm) tall and 1/6 Little Sister is 5.6 inches (~14.3cm). Both collectible figures are articulated and highly detailed, featuring realistic likeness of the characters in BIOSHOCK video game. Big Daddy has over 35 Points of Articulation; Detachable Right Drill; Arms and Legs are covered with Fabric Material; Exchangeable Hands and it comes with Light-up Feature, which consists of 8 Head Light with Interchangeable Yellow, Red and Green Lights. Little Sister comes with Tailored Fabric Clothing, ADAM Harvesting Tool and Exchangeable Hands.

Highly detailed articulated figures of both the Big Daddy and Little Sister from the popular first-person shooter game, BIOSHOCK!!


They are both approximately 1/6th scale in size, making the Big Daddy stand around 31.5cm in height and the Little Sister around 14.3cm!

▲ Size comparison with an iPhone 6! ♪

The used, dirty look of the Little Sister’s outfit is amazing! (。・ω・)ノ゙

Included with the Little Sister is her ADAM harvesting syringe, which can be held in her hand to recreate the well-known scene from the game!

The Big Daddy also features amazing paintwork, but the lower layer of clothing is made from real fabric which also means that you can easily move the 35 points of articulation around without anything getting in the way!

The rusted look of the diving suit gear gives you a good feel for its age and really captures the coarse texture nicely! 

The Big Daddy also comes with an open left hand part so you can pose him holding hands with the Little Sister!

▲ The difference in size between them really stands out when holding hands!

One of more memorable scenes from the game…

Whenever you finally managed to defeat a Big Daddy, you would find the poor Little Sister crying by his side… (´□`。)

Here you are left with a very important choice…

Harvest… or Rescue? Which would you pick? (´;ω;`)

Both the Little Sister and the Big Daddy are very highly articulated, so you can also pose them in various original poses that were never seen in the game!

▲ Offering his hand out to the Little Sister! ☆

In addition, the eyes of the Big Daddy also feature a light-up effect which can switch from green, yellow and red to show the mood of the Big Daddy! Note that batteries are sold separately!

▲ Will the Big Daddy attack on sight, or have a calmer demeanor?

Bring out the BIOSHOCK world in your collection! 
1/6 Big Daddy & Little Sister!

They are currently up for preorder!


If you are in Japan, you can purchase from the GOODSMILE ONLINE SHOP until the 25th October at 21:00JST!

If you are elsewhere, be sure to check out the threezero store for more information on how to purchase!

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