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Today I’m going to be taking a look at…
Nendoroid Ruler/Jeanne d’Arc!

From the popular smartphone game ‘Fate/Grand Order’ comes a Nendoroid of the Ruler servant, Jeanne d’Arc! She comes with three face plates including a gentle smiling expression, a gallant shouting expression as well as a cute embarrassed expression allowing you to display her in various different situations.

Her Noble Phantasm ‘Luminosité Eternelle’ as well as La Pucelle the holy sword are both included as optional parts. Recreate your favorite combat and conversation scenes from the game in Nendoroid size!

The Ruler class servant is joining the Nendoroids!

Her golden hair with a lovely long braid at the back, clear blue eyes, fluttering dark blue dress, heavy-looking armor and the circlet-like accessory in her hair… and the huge flag of her Noble Phantasm! Everything about Ruler/Jeanne d’Arc from Fate/Grand Order has been preserved in this adorable Nendoroid version of her!

Even in Nendoroid size the difference in texture between the shiny metallic armor and the softer fabric parts of her outfit have been sculpted and painted onto the design so nicely! ★

△ If you look close you can also get a peek at some bare skin on her leg!

Her Noble Phantasm, Luminosité Eternelle is huge for a Nendoroid optional part! Just look at the impressive size compared to my hand!

△ The flag has been sculpted as if blowing in the wind!

She also comes with an alternate version with the flag rolled up around the pole, which looks great in combat poses together with her combat expression!

△ That shouting expression looks so heroic…!

The holy sword ‘La Pucelle‘ that is the embodiment of flames is normally sheathed at her side, but she also comes with an unsheathed version (and an empty sheathe) to display her wielding the mighty blade instead!

△ The huge flag emphasises the cuteness of the little Nendoroid! ♪

The long braid at the back of her hair is also fitted with a Nendoroid joint allowing you to match the movement of her hair to various different poses! (*´Д`)=з

Along with her gentle smile and confident combat expression, she also comes with quite a different third expression!

A rather troubled looking embarrassed expression!

This pose with her finger scratching her cheek also matches with the expression so nicely!! The difference between this and the combat expression is such a jump, but they both have their own merits! I don’t know which one I prefer! ♡

If you pose her with her eyes looking to the side it adds even more of an embarrassed appearance! (´□`。)

△ What was said to cause her to have this expression!

Be sure to add the heroic yet adorable ruler in your collection! ♥︎
Nendoroid Ruler/Jeanne d’Arc

She’ll be up for preorder from tomorrow!! ☆

Keep your eyes on the Good Smile Company Web Site for more details!

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