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And today we’ll be taking a closer look at Nendoroid Clarion!

From the popular anime series ‘Pandora in the Crimson Shell: Ghost Urn’ comes a Nendoroid of Clarion! She comes with a alternate expression for comat as well as her combat knives ‘Yoryu’ and ‘Haiko’ as well as effect parts for her Plasma Neko Punch which allow you to recreate all sorts of combat scenes from the series.She also comes with parts to display her accessing her Pandora Device together with an embarrassed expression which suits the pose perfectly! BUER is also included and can also be set on Clarion’s neck accessory. BEUR also has an articulated middle leg allowing for various different nuances together with Clarion!

“Everyone who touches these ears is going to hell!”

Clarion, the combat android beloved by Pandora in the Crimson Shell protagonist Nene Nana Korobi, has been transformed into this cute little Nendoroid! ♡

→ See product details here!

Her cat ears, maid uniform, scornful eyes and pink hair… Or in other words, all of the creators’ fetishes have been packed into this adorable figure, complete with robotic-like joints.

Delicate frills trim the hem of her full skirt as it seems to flutter in the breeze, giving the shrewd Clarion a sense of movement despite this simple standing pose ♪

And here’s something else perfect for a standard Clarion pose ⭐︎

Her skirt seems to billow in rage as she prepares for battle…!

Her weapons, the knives Yoryu and Haiko, feature a special paint job to exaggerate their weight, so they actually look heavy – as weapons should!

But there’s something else you’d like to pair with these weapons, right…

That certain effect part you know so well from the series!

It comes with its own specialized stand, just insert it into the base!

Her cold expression seen in the first photo could work here too, but if you look again at those gallant eyes focused sharply on her target and tightly pursed lips in this brave “Battle Expression”… It’s not bad at all!

Look out, because there’s actually two different types of effect parts included – one for each kind of attack!  (。・ω・)ノ

And that’s not all!

You won’t want to miss this one particular feature that created quite a ripple when we first unveiled this product…

The Pandora Device!

Ooo-la-laaa!  (´□`。)

Even acknowledging the Nendoroid form-factor and all…  This pose is pretty steamy!

The lifted skirt and hatch opening below her navel are both separate parts, so you can recreate this look by simply changing out pieces.

And even the underside of her frilly skirt has been crafted in great detail, so you still have the same sense of its fullness and beauty♡

Not only that, the five-goat-legged lion-headed BUER (Base of Unearthed Resources) has a neck joint, allowing you to add a slight nuance to his poses(σ・∀・)σ

Like this self-satisfied pose…!

It also comes with a miniature version that can attach to Clarion’s collar! ★

This little guy is so strangely cute… !

And in case you missed it…

BUER’s middle leg is articulated! Σ(・ω・ノ)ノ

You can see it moving ever so slightly, right?

I’m sure you can think of all sorts of interesting situations to utilize this feature…

BUER comes with his own stand, so you can set him up where ever you like!♪
So, what do you say?  Are you ready to take home this combat android with her adorably disapproving glare?
Nendoroid Clarion

She’s available for preorder right now! ♡

⇒ See product details here:

The Goodsmile Online Shop will be accepting preorders until (Wed) May 25 at 21:00 JST, so be sure not to miss out!!

Nendoroid Clarion (at the Goodsmile Online Shop)


Our Good Smile Company 15th Anniversary site is now open!!


We’ll be using this platform to announce special products and events, celebrating 15 years since the foundation of Good Smile Company.

In addition to the figure we’ll be making based on the original illustration provided by the artists at CLAMP, which has already been announced via Twitter and other media outlets, we’ve also recruited a Robot Factory Manager…!  What… !?


Check it out for yourself! (`・ω・´)ゞ


Last but not least, I have info on some upcoming events!





Machi★Asobi Vol.16

Dates:  May 3-5, 2016

Place:  Tokushima City, Tottori Prefecture: Machi Asobi Event Hall

Space:  Exhibits – Poppo Shopping Street 1st Floor Event Area

Sales – Shinmachi Boardwalk “Parasol Shop”

⇒ For more details, click here


They’re going to hold a special exhibit for the incredibly popular Ultra Super Anime Time (TOKYO MX/BS11) program Space Patrol Luluko!

They plan to have cells from the anime as well as copies of the animation draft work, original illustrations signed by the cast and production staff and other treasures you’ll only be able to see at Machi★Asobi on display!

You’ll be able to purchase Luluko merchandise before anyone else, as well as the “Oshikura Magnet Durarara!!x2”, “Mamiya Youkan,” Nendoroid 10th Anniversary merch, “Hakuouki” merch, and much more!

All of our newest figure creations will be on display, we’ll have our “Nendoroid Face Challenge” area, you can meet our larger than life Wooser mascot face-to-face, and see the puppets used in the swordplay spectacular Thunderbolt Fantasy puppet drama airing this summer.

So if you happen to be at Machi Asobi, please be sure to come by the Good Smile Booth! (●´ω`●)





Hobby Round 15

Date:  (Thu) May 5, 2016  11:00 – 17:00

※Guide Book Bonus  Early Entry from 10am

Place:  Tokyo Big Site  East Halls 2 & 3

GSC Booth:  East Hall 2, in the “Manufacturers’ Booth” area

⇒ For more details, click here


Try out the MSS-41 Takumi TOOLS Ultra-Thin Blade Nippers for yourself, and see the latest and greatest from Max Factory’s PLAMAX series on display!

The COMBAT ARMORS MAX EX-03 1/72 Scale Dougram ‘Yakuto’ – Mechanic Designer Okawara Kunio Exhibit Ver. which was on sale at the Mechanic Designer Okawara Kunio Exhibit will also be available in limited quantities at the Hobby Round 15 Manufacturers’ Booth, just for you!




Good Smile 15th Anniversary Commemorative Figure

1/7 Scale Sakura Kinomoto – On Display

Dates:  May 1 – May 5  11:00-21:30

Place:  Animate AKIBA CultureZONE

⇒ For more details, click here 


This figure based on the original illustration provided to us by the CLAMP illustrators has been sculpted by Good Smile Company’s very own Takayuki Kawara!

Some of Takayuki Kawara’s other work includes Saber Lily ~Distant Avalon~ and Saber & Saber Motored Cuirassier ε=(。・д・。)

This creation of beauty is something you’ll want to see in person… !

Photos will be allowed, so if you find yourself in Akihabara, be sure to head over to the Animate ACZ!


♥︎Today’s Date♥




I meant for this to be a spring themed photo, but submitted it a bit late… (^_^;)

Well, as you can see all the girls are out on their “date” – I hope you like it!

Photographer: Jou

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