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And today we’ll be taking a look at a Nendoroid that goes up for pre-order today –

Nendoroid Mira Fenrietta

From the popular smartphone game ‘Shironeko Project’ comes a Nendoroid of the dark nun who broke her vows – Mira Fenrietta! She comes with both a standard expression as well as a triumphant expression.
Optional parts include her ‘Holy Cross’ weapon as well as her main source of nutrition – a packet of bean sprouts! She also comes with special parts that allow you to recreate her ‘Lightning Bolt’ and ‘Holy Heal’ skills from the game! Be sure to add the haughty Mira-sama to your collection!


Clad in a dazzling white and gold costume accented with luscious red, the nun who dispels darkness: Mira Fenrietta has been transformed into this adorable little Nendoroid ♡

Though she’s available for pre-order starting today, the undertaking of this product development was hush-hush – so are you guys surprised or what!?

 ⇒ For more product details, please see here

Not only does she have that smiling face of victory – you can almost hear singing out with her melodious voice,

her lavishly detailed accessories, unique nun’s habit, and demon’s tail have all been included.

That eye-catching golden decoration features metallic paint that glimmers in the light, making her costume all the more glamorous★

Of course, just like any other Nendoroid she comes with a variety of optional parts and accessories!

And the one we wanted to give Mira first and foremost

was her “staple food,” a bag of  bean sprouts (・∀・)

The mascot character on the bag looks exactly like it does in-game! 

Though this is a Nendoroid original part inspired by an episode that happens in-game… Doesn’t she look so cute holding her bag of bean sprouts with that triumphant face! ♡

The next thing I want to show you is her solemn specialized weapon, the

Holy Cross! ε=(。・д・。)

Even though it’s been given the SD Nendoroid style design, it still has the sharp weapon-like points!

And check out her face in that photo, too!

Though she had 2 fangs showing before while her mouth was open,

as you can see, she only has one tooth protruding with her mouth closed! (/ω\)

It gives her an even more human-like appearance than before, don’t you think. ☆

But with her mouth open, smiling like a mischievous child, she’s still super cute♥︎

Wait, did you all see that… ?!

She seems to have grown wings… !


Yes!  That’s right, she also comes with these wings

so you can recreate the “friendship awakening” illustration! (๑òωó๑)


Combining the various expressions and optional parts is one thing that sets Nendoroids apart from the rest!

Have fun mixing and matching the various accessories with different poses and expressions ♥︎

On top of all that, she also comes with this Background Sheet & Backgroung Sheet Support, and if you combine them with the Holy Cross from before… !

It looks like she’s using her in-game skill Lighting Bolt !(´□`。)

And she also comes with this circular sheet for when she casts  Holy Heal!

There’s a hole for the prop in the sheet

so that it can be inserted between the prop and the stand, like this.

So there you have it..

She can recreate in-game scenes, kickback with a bag of her favorite bean sprouts, and comes lots of all sorts of other fun stuff to play with!ヽ(*・ω・)人(・ω・*)ノ


So let’s all join the faith!   Behold a cuteness you can worship from the palm of your hand♪

Nendoroid Mira Fenrietta


Available for pre-order now

 ⇒ Click here for more details


And if you pre-order from the Goodsmile Online Shop, you’ll receive this
Call of the Apocalypse as a special gift ★

Nendoroid Mira Fenrietta ( at the Goodsmile Online Shop)

Also!  At the Pacifico Yokohama on (Sat) April 30,

a fully painted model of Nendoroid Mira Fenrietta will be on display 

at the Yarou, yo! Shironeko Caravan 2016 in Kansai event♪

If you’re going to be there, be sure to check it out! (●´ω`●)



Lastly, let me tell you about an event exhibit!



Character1 2016

Date:  (Sun) May 1, 2016  Time: 11:00 – 17:00  ※ Supporters Ticket sales start at 10:00.

Place:  Tokyo Big Site East Halls 2-3, Space G02, Orange Rouge

⇒ See official event homepage here

⇒ See Orange Rouge display details here


In addition to showcasing all-new Good Smile Company figures, we’ll be taking some previous releases out of the store house – including Wonderful Hobby Selection figures!


 ⇒ Click here for more details



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