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Anyway, the first figure to be reviewed in the new Akihabara offices is…

Nendoroid Kenma Kozume!

From the popular anime series and manga ‘Haikyu!!’ comes a Nendoroid of the Nekoma High School Volleyball Team’s setter, also said to be the ‘backbone’, ‘brains’ and ‘heart’ of the team – Kenma Kozume! He comes with three expression parts including a standard face, a smiling face as well as a bit of a shameful embarrassed expression.He also comes a variety of optional parts that allow you to recreate popular scenes from the series, as well as a volleyball and a base made in the image of a volleyball court. His smartphone, a black cat as well as parts to display him sitting on the floor are also all included, allowing fans to enjoy various situations of the rather bashful Kenma!

“I’m not strong. We’re strong.”

The cat-eyed languid setter for Nekoma High School’s Volleyball Team, ‘Kenma Kozume’ is joining the Nendoroids! ♪

His sharp eyes that catch even the smallest details during his matches as well as his loosely closed mouth and ‘pudding head’ hairstyle are all faithfully included on his design! (●´ω`●)

△ Such a lovely gradient! It looks so cute from the top!

If you look close you’ll also notice the hair at his neck also has the black layer!

△ It looks so smooth and silky! I want to run my fingers through it! ♪

Although he is known for having a rather sky personality, he also of course is a very dependable member of the Nekoma High School Volleyball Team, and he can also be posed as such!

A volleyball part together with a special stand to display it flying through the air are both included, which mean you can easily pose him making the plays that make him the ‘game maker’!

△ It takes a bit of balance, but you can also display him holding the ball!

But he also comes with other parts that allow you to enjoy Kenma off the court as well! ☆

First up… his smartphone!

△ You can even display him using the touchscreen with this hand part!

Plus an expression that matches with the smartphone parts…

A downcast embarrassed expression!

Oooh! He looks so adorable like this! 

This expression suddenly makes him look so very innocent! He also comes with another optional part that matches with the expression nicely…

A black cat and sitting parts!

The sitting parts are a completely alternate lower body part that can be interchanged whenever you like!

The cat also has a rather familiar… hairstyle…

△ The neck and tail can be moved left and right to create different nuances! ☆

Here we have the kitty displayed with a standing Kenma! (`・ω・´)ゞ

△ The expression really makes it look like he is looking down at the cat!

You can also have him holding the ball with this expression!

Simply pick the pose that you think suits him best! ♥︎

You can also of course display him together with the previously released characters such as Nendoroid Shoyo Hinata!

This was made in the image of the scene where they first met!

I mean, the outfits were different and I don’t think there was a cat there… but it’s just as amazing!! Enjoy the world of Haikyu right in your collection!!

Nendoroid Kenma Kozume!

He will be up for preorder from tomorrow!! ♪

Orders from the GOODSMILE ONLINE SHOP will include a Nendoroid Plus Rubber Strap: Kenma Kozume with Black Cat Ver. as a bonus! Be sure to consider it when preordering!


The 5th Nendoroid from Haikyu!!

Those who have read this week’s Weekly Shounen Jump will know, but the next Nendoroid has already been announced to be Kei Tsukishima!! Look forward to him too!!


The WONDERFUL HOBBY LIFE FOR YOU!! 23 website was updated last week! 

This update includes the stage information as well as booth information and new product information! 

Be sure to take a look at what you can expect from this Winter’s Wonder Festival! (●´ω`●)

⇒ http://whl4u.jp/

A summary English page has also been uploaded with product information and more, so be sure to take a look: http://whl4u.jp/en/

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