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Nendoroid Guildmaster!

From ‘Monster Hunter Frontier G’ comes a Nendoroid of the elegant and refined Guildmaster! Her beautiful kimono and folding fan made as well as the charming smile on her face all bring out the Guild master’s character in Nendoroid size. She also comes with a surprised expression, which was never even seen in the game!

In addition, the original mascot from Monster Hunter Frontier G – the Gu-Ku is also included! Enjoy the guildmaster in all sorts of poses, and get her ready to welcome all the new Hunters that stop by in Mezeporta!

This product is included in the Monster Hunter Frontier G Five Million Hunters Memorial Goods. Please see the following page for more details:

The Mezeporta Guildmaster who supervises all Hunter promotion tests!

Her unique outfit has a Japanese style to it and is beautifully detailed! The gentle gaze that watches over the hunters during their promotion tests has also been faithfully included! The large long swords on her back as well as her trademark folding fan are also looking great in Nendoroid size! 3=(。・д・。)

All the finer details such as the patterns on her outfit and the ribbons in her hair and on her back are beautiful!

The hairpin in her hair is also nice and detailed even on the Nendoroid design!

She also comes with an alternate closed version of the folding fan, allowing you to match the fan with your pose! ♡

△ I love the way she is holding tightly onto the fan! ♪

Also take note of her feet!! <○><○>

Even the little ribbons on her knee-high boots have been sculpted onto the design!! ヽ(*・ω・)人(・ω・*)ノ

Often the chibi appearance sacrifices a lot of details, but you can see that this Nendoroid really incorporates all sorts of details while also looking adorable! Even the pleats of her skirt are sculpted!

But anyway, let’s move onto her alternate expression parts! That’s always one of the highlights of Nendoroids! The Guildmaster comes with a rather expression that was made originally for the Nendoroid – this expression is never actually seen in the game!

A surprised expression!! (●´ω`●)

The cute little open mouth really makes for an adorable expression!! ♡

The Guildmaster is normally so calm and collected that seeing an expression like this on her is a lovely change!! But what could have surprised her so much?

Oooh! the original mascot from Monster Hunter Frontier G – the Gu-Ku is also included! ヽ(*・ω・)人(・ω・*)ノ

This adorable duck-shape with those pink cheeks and cute beak… ♥︎

Just looking at him makes me feel calm inside!

You not only get to enjoy the Guildmaster in her lovely outfit, but you also get a rather rare expression for her as well as this adorable mascot character to display by her side!!! Bring out the world of Monster Hunter Frontier G in your Nendoroid collection!!

Add the memorial goods to your collection!

Nendoroid Guildmaster!

This product is included with the Monster Hunter Frontier G Five Million Hunters Memorial Goods!

You can read up more details and the other items included on the set over on the official website here:

GSC Product Page:

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