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I’ve found that ‘onigirazu’… something like sandwiches made from rice are absolutely delicious! My favorite is with egg, cod roe and cheese!!

Anyway, today I’m going to be taking a look at this item from threezero…


The third in the collaborative series between DYNAMIC PLANNING and threezero is Getter-1 from Getter Robot! threezero’s design, sculpting as well as the unique weathered and damaged paintwork brings out the powerful appearance of the Getter-1 in more detail than ever before!The model stands approximately 40.6cm in height and features over 40 points of articulation for all sorts of different posing opportunities. Getter-1 comes complete with two Getter Tomahawks for combat scenes, and he also features a cape made from fabric which can be attached or removed whenever you see fit – it is also poseable with built-in wires to make for epic poses! The model also features a light-up feature in the eyes and Getter Beam shooting port. (6x AG1 batteries sold separately)

“Change, Getter-1! Switch on!”

From ‘Getter Robot’, perhaps one of the most well-known pioneers of the transforming mecha revolution comes a very impressive figure of the Getter-1, made by threezero!!

As usual threezero have outdone themselves with the sculpt and paintwork, creating a model that really looks as if it has been through countless battles with all sorts of dents and scratches on the armor – it really brings out the harsh atmosphere of the battles it has been through! ★

△ The face part also looks much more imposing and brazen! (/ω\)

The damaged body of the soldier is made to look even more epic with the red cape draped over his shoulders all the way down to the ground!

△ The cape can be attached and removed!

The cape has wires laid out on the inside allowing you to match the position of the cape with various poses to create a much more dynamic looking pose! It also has tears and a damaged appearance that matches up with the battle-scarred paintwork perfectly! (`・ω・´)ゞ

△ Not only little tears, but also dirty marks! As you’d expect from battle!

Additionally, the figure also has light-up effects, but unfortunately I was unable to show them while I was taking photos!

The ‘Getter Beam’ areas on the eyes and stomach light-up!

△ I’d love to take photos in a dark room with the light-up effects!

Optional parts are also included…

Two Getter Tomahawks!!

The fingers are very finely articulated allowing you to easily pose him holding them just like above! (●´ω`●)

But even alone they have a rather impressive appearance!

△ The heavy, well-used appearance shows they have been used in many a battle.

As I mentioned the fingers are articulated enough to allow them to hold the tomahawks as above, but the Getter-1 is much more articulated than just that! The figure features over 40 points of articulation!! Σ(・ω・ノ)ノ!

△ Each finger as three movable joints! threezero’s attention to detail!

This might be taking things a teeny bit too far…
but you can even make poses like this! (σ・∀・)σ 

△ The shoulders are easily movable into an idol-like pose!

But it’s not just his fingers and shoulders – his knees and hips are also very mobile allowing for the kind of epic poses you’d expect from an action figure!

△ The toes are separately articulated to stand ready for action like this!

If you really feel like it, and are good with balance…
You can even make rather human-like poses! ε=(。・д・。)

△ Taking a little break sitting on the edge of a table.

Another thing to note is the size of the figure! I almost can’t help but want to go out on a walk hand-in-hand! He stands over 400mm in height!!

△ You can also easily pose him standing on his own – no stand required! ♥︎

My photos are perhaps a bit silly compared to what you expect from Getter-1… but you can find much more stylish poses over on the product page!★

Getter-1 (GSC Site)


Add your very own Getter-1 to your collection with threezero’s…


Currently up for preorder! ★

If you are in Japan you can order from the GOODSMILE ONLINE SHOP until  the 28th October! If you are located elsewhere, take a look at the official threezero store to preorder! Don’t miss out!!

Getter-1: GOODSMILE ONLINE SHOP (Japan Only)
Getter-1: threezero store (Outside Japan)
threezero Official Blog

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