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Hello everyone, Kahotan here! (@gsc_kahotan)

Today I’ll be giving a little report about a visit we had from Miyu Takagi! The voice actor of Hacka Doll #1 from ‘Hacka Doll the Animation’ which is currently airing!!

△Photo taken together with the GSC Mascot, Gumako! ☆

Anyway, let’s get started with the office tour! Eh?

△ I thought I heard a camera behind me!

We have a couple of our previously released products on display at the offices, and Takagi-san seemed very determined to grab a couple of photos of some of the Fate related figures!! ♪

Anyway, let’s move deeper into the offices! (。・ω・)ノ゙

As I’m sure many of you are aware, the GSC offices are located VERY close to the Tokyo Skytree!!

△ You can only see the middle of it out the window…

By the way, everyone here at GSC has their own choice of PC and peripherals to get work done as comfortably as possible! Not only that, but everyone also displays mountains of figures, posters, models and more really showing off the series that they love!

(´-`).。oO(GSC is rather free when it comes to things like this… it makes me wonder what other companies are like!)

After admiring all the desks, its time to peek into the glass-windowed company president office! (/ω・\)

△ The illustrations on the glass were drawn by famous international artists!

Anyway, moving on… it’s time to sneak into…

The GSC Production Studios!

– Infiltration Complete! 

After discussing a little about how all the figures she had seen were all actually made in this very room and wandering around a little bit… Takagi-san found something that seemed to grab her interest!!

△ But it seems like Hamako from the planning team is trying to stop her!

“Is this… what I think it is?!”

△ She seemed quite engrossed…!

What she found was none other than…

Nendoroid Hacka Doll #1!♥︎

△ She looks so energetic and ready for some fun even without color yet!

“I want to make one too!”

△ She seemed very confident!!

Anyway, let’s move to another location with a bit more space and take a closer look! ♪

The Nendoroid was still unpainted at this point, but it is now currently being painted!!

The painted version will be coming soon, along with a look at her optional parts and alternate expressions! Look forward to them!! ★

As you might expect, the twin-tails are fitted with joints allowing for lots of fun posing!

Hmm… but who is that yellow figure behind her?!

Seen they are both ULTRA SUPER PICTURES animes… Metamoroid wooser came to join the fun! ♪

△ wooser’s hand to mouth life aired in the last USAT block!

△ Having these two and the voice actor together! Rare photo!!

It was then that footsteps were heard…! (°Д°;≡°Д°;)

△ He looks a little off… but there is no doubting it!

wooser-sama came to find the cute gal!!

△ They were getting along great in within 5 seconds!

I even got a GIF of the two of them dancing about!!

△ So cute!

Anyway, on that note we hope you’ll support both the Hacka Doll anime as well as the upcoming Nendoroid Hacka Doll #1!

△ Posed with the same peace pose as the Nendoroid! ★

I’ll be introducing more of the Nendoroid as it moves along in the production process! Keep your eyes on Twitter and the blog! ♡

★ Hacka Doll the Animation Official Site

△ Hacka Doll the Animation poster in the GSC Offices!

★ Hacka Doll Official Blog

I wish Takagi-san and the other Hacka Dolls the best of luck! Thank you for coming to the offices!!

Feel free to stop by and visit again!! ♡₍₍ ◝(・ω・)◟ ⁾⁾♡

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