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I like to add mayonnaise to hiyashi chuuka! Whenever I buy some from a convenience store I’m always depressed that only mustard is included!

Anyway, today I’m going to be taking a look at the upcoming WonFes figures!


Top: Nendoroid Co-de:
Cinderella Girls Rin/Uzuki/Mio Set – My First Star Co-de

Left: figma Uzuki Shimamura: Jersey ver.Middle: figma Rin Shibuya: Jersey ver.

Right: Nendoroid Mako Mankanshoku:
Fight Club-Spec Two-Star Goku Uniform Ver.

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Today I’ll be focusing on…

Nendoroid Co-de: Cinderella Girls Rin/Uzuki/Mio Set – My First Star Co-de!

From the popular anime series ‘THE IDOLM@STER CINDERELLA GIRLS’ comes a set of three Nendoroid Co-de figures featuring the New Generation girls!They are wearing the outfits from the opening theme and last episode of the anime series – the ‘My First Star’ outfits. The matching outfits have each been carefully sculpted to include even the smallest of changes between them, creating a lovely matching set of the three to display together!

The Cinderella Girls are joining the Nendoroid Co-de series! ♥︎

Up until now we’ve only really seen Pripara in the Nendoroid Co-de series, but now we have the New Generation Girls joining as a set!!

★ Nendoroid Co-de Official Site:

They are all dressed up in matching ‘My First Star’ outfits, which while similar have various differences between them such as the accessory on their chests!

Let’s take a closer look at them each one-by-one! (●´ω`●)

– Rin Shibuya –

– Uzuki Shimamura –

– Mio Honda – 

Each of the outfits are so very cute, and their unique hairstyles have all been faithfully recreated in Nendoroid size! (´□`。)

By the way! The packaging matches up with the previously released Nendoroid Co-de figures! They are in an open window blister pack like so! ♪

△ A three figure set makes it rather large though! ♪

The packaging is rather different from the standard Nendoroid packaging, so I decided to make a quick GIF of opening it up! ヽ(*・ω・)人(・ω・*)ノ



The background of the packaging also forms the back panel which can be pulled out of the top of the blister pack which allows you to open up the packaging easily! (I have no idea if this is a good explanation…!)

This is how the packaging looks from the back!

As is written on the packaging, each of the figures in the Nendoroid Co-de series can be separated into four main parts – the head, upper body, lower body and shoes! Each of these parts can be swapped around with any other Nendoroid Co-de figures!

This means you can swap their poses around like this!

The arms and legs of Nendoroid Co-de figures are not articulated – they are locked into a specific pose! This means that even just swapping around the ‘Upper Body’ means that not only the accessories on the outfit change, but the entire pose as well! It allows for quite a different appearance! ♪

These Nendoroid Co-de can also of course swap parts around with any other characters in the Nendoroid Co-de series!

△ Laala, Mirei and Sophie from PriPara!

Here we have some ‘New Generation’ PriPara girls!! (。・ω・)ノ゙

Idol outfits are always so adorable!!

The poses actually fit each of the girls personalities rather well too! ♥︎

Next up, let’s try dressing up the New Generation Girls in outfits from PriPara! This is what makes the Co-de series so special!!


Shibuya Rin x Magical Clown Co-de

I always wanted Shiburin to make this pose!! I’m so happy right now!!

Uzuki Shimamura x Cutie Ribbon Co-de

The pink of this Co-de suits Uzuki really nicely! The pointing pose together with the winking expression also make a nice combo! ★

Mio Honda x White Swan Co-de

You don’t often see Chanmio in a black and white outfit! It gives her a bit of a mature air! ♪

By the way, the crowns if the My First Star code can be removed! They attach by a plastic flap that fits between the hair parts!

If you don’t think the outfit needs the crown, you simply have to remove it!

△ I tried to explain with a drawing, but I think I failed…  _(:3」∠)_

So, let’s try removing all the crowns…

… and try out the full SoLaMi☆SMILE outfits! ♥︎

△ Sophie’s hat works just like the crowns!

Don’t they look lovely! You could choose to display them in their standard outfits or your own coordinations!

Nendoroid Co-de:Cinderella Girls Rin/Uzuki/Mio Set – My First Star Co-de

On sale at WonFes!! ♥︎

Preorders will also be available at the GOODSMILE ONLINE SHOP from the 26th July at 16:00JST!!

If you can’t make it to the event, be sure you don’t miss the deadline for online orders! More information here: http://whl4u.jp/en/

There is actually a commercial for the figures too!

Currently being broadcast during the ULTRA SUPER ANIME TIME block and other times! figma Rin and Uzuki’s jersey versions will be up on the blog at a later stage too!! ★

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Finally a live broadcast notice!

Kahotan Station: July Edition


Kahotan Station: July Edition

Date: 21st July from 20:00~ JST
URL: http://live.nicovideo.jp/gate/lv228190496


◇ A look at this Summer’s WonFes figures
◇ An introduction to the WonFes Booth
◇ A look at some upcoming items!

…and more.


I hope you’ll join us!!  ヽ((◎д◎ ))ゝ

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