Hello everyone, Kahotan here! (@gsc_kahotan)

Today is the 3rd of July! In Japan this is soft serve day, as it is the date that soft serve was first sold in Japan back in 1951! I want to have some Cremia soft serve… super creamy with a langue de chat cone. It’s so delicious!!

Anyway, today I’m going to be taking a look at photos sent in to the July/August theme of Kahotan Post Office!

The theme is ‘Summer‘!!

It’s getting more hot and humid by the day, which makes me constantly wish Summer would go away… but that’s exactly why I need everyone’s photos to remind me that Summer is’t that bad!

As usual, I received all sorts of photos from around the world, so thank you to everyone who send in a picture or message! I unfortunately can’t show everything on the blog, but I will showing as many as possible by splitting the July messages into two parts – this being the first! The next part will come next week sometime!

Anyway, let’s get started! (。・ω・)ノ゙


Hot tea is great, even during Summer!

– 建安風骨

Nendoroid Erika Sendou from FORTUNE ARTERIAL looking as elegant as ever during her afternoon tea! ♪

What a lovely clear blue sky and beautiful scenery in the background to boot! The refreshing colors really give off a warm Summer day feeling! I actually received a second photo from the same person which I also want to show everyone!


Renge: It’s really getting hot now…

Walking through the woods while playing her recorder! (●´ω`●)

It’s looks like such a lovely place! With the sunlight peeking through the gaps in the leaves… it must be lovely to walk though! ♡


Summer means sand dunes and the blue sea!! I just got back from a 200km trip down to the ocean! It was over 40 degrees and my camera was having some issues so I didn’t get to take many photos… but Vietnam’s Summer is set to continue for quite some time, so I’m sure I’ll get some more Summer photos soon!

– TN3939

A lovely Summer photo of Miku playing in the sand! Vietnam is already reaching 40 degree weather! Be sure to take care of your body in that heat!


For your summer post office I’d like to share with you Yoko relaxing in the summer afternoon! It’s been a long day of bounty hunting so its nice to relax as the summer day begins to cool off.

– Alexis

A shot of Yoko in relax mode after a long day! The gleaming light in the background has a kind of magical feel to it that look lovely! ♥︎


No comment.

–  Sayuri

Amy enjoying a flight with her glider! ♪

It must have been really hard to capture this photo – it doesn’t look like anything is holding her up at all! Seeing photos like this makes me want to rewatch Gargantia!


I took this photo on a french island named Île d’Aix. When i’m at the beach, i love to see all the sand castles people do. It reminds me how much it was fun when I was a kid ! My Nendoroid like it so much too !

– MrTan

Lovely little accessory parts and mini sand-castles make for a most adorable situation! ♡

I want to jump in the sand and play alongside her!! (。・ω・)ノ゙


I went on a walk and decided to bring my Armin nendoroid with me. The combination of him with the scenery was just too adorable so I had to take a picture!

– Fiona

Nendoroid Armin and the flower match each other so well…! (*´Д`)=з

It’s a lot of fun to head out into nature with your favorite Nendoroids on a warm sunny day! ♪



– aejoongeng

The bright light of the sun makes Hinata’s smile even more cheerful than normal! The natural setting around him makes the photo even more of a pleasure to look at too! (/ω\)

Today the new Haikyu! film starts in theatres! I need to go see it!!


Hot Summer!! Cool down with chilled juice! ( ^ω^)!

– Komako

Bottled juice has such a nice cool look to it! Shinobu-chan also seems very content with it! I’m sure she wants a doughnut to go with it though! ♥︎

With Shinobu by your side even the hottest of days can be fun and relaxing! ヽ(*・ω・)人(・ω・*)ノ


So many lovely photos filled with the charms of Summer!

The selection of the scene, use of extra little accessories and backgrounds… I can really see the love for the figures that everyone sends in! っε=(。・д・。)

Thanks again to everyone!

I will be revealing the photo I choose to use for my header next week!


Anyway! I’m still looking for more photos!

The theme is…

‘Summer’! (・∀・)

If you’re happy to let me use your photo for my Twitter header, please send it through! 
Kahotan Blog Twitter Header Photo
~ 2015 July/August ~ Summer!

E-mail: kahotan-b@goodsmile.jp

– Title –

Anything you like, but please copy and paste Japanese text into your title: “ヘッダーOK” (It means ‘Header OK’!)

– Body –

・Add a comment regarding your photo!
It doesn’t have to be long, just where or why you took the photo!

・Add your nickname so you can be credited!

– Photo –

Take and attach a photo that features the theme of Summer using GSC-distributed figures. The situation and pose can be anything you like!

・Please only send your own work!

・Your photo will likely be trimmed and slightly edited if chosen to be used as the header.

・Your photo may also be introduced on this blog, even if not selected as my header image.

・I will contact the owner of the selected photo before use.

I look forward to seeing your Summer photos!

Please feel welcome to send other unrelated photos too! I’m always happy to see them! Other questions and product requests are also welcome!

* Please send product defects or problems to the support team!
* If you don’t want me to show your mail on the blog, please let me know!

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