Hello everyone, Kahotan here! (@gsc_kahotan)

Today is the Port of Yokohama’s 34th anniversary!
I live in Yokohama which means there will be fireworks tonight!

More Details: Port of Yokohama’s 34th Anniversary Celebration.


Anyway, today I’m going to be taking a look at more of the lovely photos sent in to Kahotan Post Office!! Thanks to everyone for all the possible header photos! You can find the previous entries in the May/June 2015 theme over here:

Kahotan Post Office: May/June 2015 – Part 1
Kahotan Post Office: May/June 2015 – Part 2


The theme this time around is..

Male Figures!!


I’ve looked at each and every photo that has been sent in, and have loved all of them! This time around there were a lot of people that send in photos for the first time, which I am always happy to see! (/ω\)

A big thanks to everyone who sent in photos!

I am going to be splitting my June selections into two posts, one today and another later this week! I hope everyone enjoys the photos as much as did!  ♪

As usual, I unfortunately can’t include all the photos sent in, but I did enjoy all of them! I’m sorry if your photo is not placed on the blog! 

Let’s get started! (●´ω`●)


It’s my favourite photo because I think its so fun if Sebastian become one hell of Survey Corps.. I’m sure he’ll able to help Levi heichou cleaning..

– IchigoTsuki

Sebastian and Heichou would probably get along really well seen they are both obsessed with keeping things clean! I’m sure anyone listening on in the conversation would not find it overly interesting, but the two of them are sure to have some very heated discussions about keeping things clean!


A nice place for a summer retreat… castles are nice and cool! (`・∀・´) Taishi is enjoying the coolth! 

– Komako

He definitely seems very relaxed! I can’t help but think of his humming when I see this photo! The relaxing Japanese scenery together with the laid-back pose go very well together!


A photo capturing Snake having one last cigarette before going out to work. Men speak with their backs! 

– Matsu

This back definitely has a story to tell! The effects of the smoke and cigarette are really nicely done! It’s rare to see a Nendoroid in such an serious, cool pose like this one! (´□`。)


The theme was male figures, so I decided to head out on a sunny day with my Aoba for some photos! Matching a photo to the height of a Nendoroid makes for a very low angle that isn’t really easy to take… I look forward to a bit more practice!

 – Rinpa

What perfect weather for a walk! I want to go with next time!!  Taking a photo from this angle really makes the Nendoroid look more lifelike! I think you did a great job!


A male figure theme seemed like fun, so I had a try at making some male Nendoroids look cute! They are the ‘Sweetie Boys’? I want to east some sweets with them! (*´꒳`*)

– shiro

It looks like a scene out of a fairy tale! Combining candy and Nendoroids is cute x cute – double the charm! Make sure you invite me to the tea party! ♡


Hello from America!  I really love the Hermitaurs in Monster Hunter, but I always feel so bad when I have to hurt one!  My pet crab was a good sport though and posed for these intense hunting pictures!

– Pancake

A photo that captures the Monster Hunter universe perfectly!!
I think I want to see more Nendoroid photos featuring your pet crab! He’s so cute! ★


KAITO: “This time between Spring and Summer always has so many hot days… nothing is better than some ice cream!”

Levi: “I’ve heard you can go on and on about ice cream no matter what time of year it is…”

KAITO: “Well? What do you think of my favorite flavour?”

Levi: “… not bad.”

– Mantsuki

I had the conversation play through my brain with the correct voices and all! Figures allow you to surpass the boundaries of series and get two characters like this enjoying a conversation! 


Well everyone, did you enjoy the photos?

All the photos were so filled with love! It was so difficult to pick which ones to put on the blog, let alone which one to use as my Twitter header image!

Thanks again for all the photos!


I’ll be showing the photo I selected for my header in the next part coming later this week! I’ll also be announcing the theme for July/August 2015!


I hope for more photos soon!! (・∀・)

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  We’ll get through this hot and humid season!!


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Anyway, that’s all for today!
See you all again tomorrow!!!

Planning Team / Kahotan