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I have so many rubber straps and keychains attached to the strap of my staff ID card which I hang around my neck, that it has got to the point that my shoulders are going stiff from the weight. This must be the weight of love…! I must add more!!

Anyway, today I’m going to be taking a look at a product that went up for preorder earlier this week…

Hatsune Miku: Animal Charm Straps!♡

From the ‘Character Vocal Series’ comes adorable charm accessories of Hatsune Miku and the other Vocaloid characters all as cute round charms based on various animals! The designs are based on the works of CHANxCO, and have been faithfully transformed into accessories for fans to enjoy!

The line-up includes Bunny-Miku, Tanu-Luka, Doggy-Rin, Doggy-Len, Cat-KAITO, Tiger-MEIKO and one secret character! The stomach sections have each respective character’s neck tie or ribbon printed on as well! Be sure to attach them to all sorts of things and keep the cute animal Vocaloids by your side to enjoy whenever you like! ♪

They’re so… puffy!

Puffy like clouds! I feel like they should be all squishy when I touch them!

CHANxCO’s original designs have been transformed into charm size figures keeping the same adorable charm of the illustrations!

The difference between each character is so much fun to look at!
Just looking at them makes me feel all warn and happy inside…!

Let’s take a closer look at them one-by-one! ♪


A cute, delicious looking Miku-san! 

The rather unhappy looking expression and glaring eyes are lovely…! ♥︎



Lovely round ears for a cute Tanuki Luka!

I also love that three-shaped mouth! (´□`。)



Her large white ribbon still included! ★

Rin’s expression looks all proud like she has accomplished something! 



Even as a doggy Len’s hair is sticking up on his head!

The little blushes on their cheeks is also so adorable! ♪



KAITO’s sleepy face makes me wish I could pet him forever!

He looks so very defenceless! I am ready to attack…!



Tiger MEIKO seems to suit really perfectly!♡

A gentle smile that will brighten up any night spent together with her! (/ω\)


They’re all so adorable…!

Plus they’re rather small allowing you to carry them on items with you all over the place, or just play with them on your desk when you need a little break!

To give you a better idea of the size, they are each about 30mm in length… but this does vary between characters!

△ Compared in size with a Nendoroid!

By the way! Some of you might be thinking you’ve seen a figure of this design somewhere before! It was in fact the B Prize in the Happy Kuji Hatsune Miku 2014 Autumn Ver! – Memo Stand Figure – Hatsune Miku: Bunny Ver.! (σ・∀・)σ

△ There was also a Memo Stand Figure – Megurine Luka: Tanuki Ver. as the C-Prize!

Just like the memo stand figures, the charms also feature an extra little detail on the bottom!

Each character has a motif based on their original outfit or an item related to their animal form printed on the bottom! ★

Rin: Ribbon / Len: Neck Tie
Luka: Chest Accessory / MEIKO: Collar & Bell
△Even rolled over like this they are adorable! ♡

…but where is KAITO?!

KAITO instead his trademark scarf sculpted around his neck, leaving him blank on the bottom! (´□`。)

However! All of the characters do feature an adorable little tail on their rear ends!

So… cute!!!

That plump, fluffy looking appearance is so adorable! While I have been calling them fluffy over and over again, remember that they are actually made from PVC! They’re not really fluffy at all!! (I checked! Lots of times!!)

Be sure to grab them for your collection and show them lots of love! ♪

Hatsune Miku: Animal Charm Straps!♡

They are currently up for preorder! 

Product Page: http://www.goodsmile.info/en/product/5030/ 

Plus preorders from the GOODSMILE ONLINE SHOP will include this Sticker Illustrated by CHANxCO as a bonus!! ♪

Hatsune Miku: Animal Charm Straps (GSC ONLINE SHOP)


and finally, a sneak peek at the secret character!

Just what kind of golden secret could be waiting?!

You’ll have to wait and see! ★

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Coming up this evening is…

Kahotan Station!


Kahotan Station: May Edition

Date: 29th May from 20:00~ (JST)
URL: http://live.nicovideo.jp/gate/lv222003831


◇ A Look at This Month’s Highlights!

· Nendoroid Umaru
· Nendoroid Patchouli Knowledge
· Nendoroid Akari Hizamaru
· figma Yukikaze
· figma Tsugumori
· figma Eli Ayase

◇ Upcoming Items!

· The leader of the Biscotti Knights Praetorian Guards unit!
· The latest in the Nendoroid Co-de Series! Dressing Pafé!
· Someone more from Senbonzakura?

…and more!


The guest MC this time around is Akane-Eiseihei!

We hope you’ll tune in! ヽ(゚◇゚ )ノ

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     See everyone during the live broadcast!


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Anyway, that’s all for today!
See you all again tomorrow!!!

Planning Team / Kahotan


illustration by CHAN×CO © Crypton Future Media, INC. www.piapro.net