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I’ve always wanted to try being someone’s elder brother, and I got that chance today while taking a look at this adorable Nendoroid…

Nendoroid Umaru!♡ 

From the upcoming anime series ‘Himouto! Umaru-chan’ comes a Nendoroid of Umaru, the character always lazing about at home! She comes a huge selection of expression parts including an energetic standard expression, an annoyingly confident expression, a smiling face, the excited expression when she eats something delicious as well as an expression crying like a spoilt child!

Optional parts include her beloved cola, a packet of potato chips and various other junk food parts to create a glorious Umaru banquet! Sitting parts as well as a gaming console are also included to bring out her personality even more! Give Umaru the lazy life she loves to live!

Umaru~n! ♡

The original complete manga that sold over a million copies is becoming an anime series in July!! This Nendoroid is of the main character Umaru-chan in her ‘Home-Umaru’ version! (●´ω`●)

Her characteristic hood and various little optional parts are all included to really bring out her personality as a Nendoroid! As you can see above she even comes with a bottle of cola and a packet of potato chips… but there is much more to come! ♪

“The Umaru banquet… has begun!”


This is how she looks from the back!

It’s so round and cute!!! (/ω\)

You wouldn’t even be able to tell this was a Nendoroid at first glance… but it certainly makes you want to pick her up and hug her!!

The back features one hole in order to attach the stand, but even without the stand the circular shape allows Umaru-chan to stand on her own!(σ・∀・)σ

By the way, you can find out more about the anime series through the official links below! φ(.. )

★ TV Anime: Himouto! Umaru-chan Official Site
★ Official Twitter: @umaru_anime
Twitter Hashtag: #umaru_anime

Anyway, returning to the Nendoroid! The Nendoroid comes with the very cute smiling expression you can see above which is her standard expression! But she also comes with four other alternate expressions for a total of five different expression parts to choose from!

Let’s take a close look at them one-by-one!


– Standard Expression –

A cute, happy smile with rosy cheeks! ♥︎

She looks like she is really enjoying whatever she is doing… which in this case is of course playing games on her console! A portable game console is also included as an optional part for her to hold! So the optional parts so far are potato chips, cola and a game console!  But there is still much more to come…!!

As I’m sure you noticed, she also comes with lower body parts for sitting down with her knees up! This style of sitting just adds to her adorableness!


– Tantrum Expression –

“Nuh-uh! Nuh-uh!
Go buy it Onii-chan!!! Go buy it for me now!!”

This expression lets you pose Umaru chan being a little spoilt child! The quivering mouth to add even more to a normal crying expression is really cute!

I figured it would be more convincing if I made an animated version of the tantrum, so here we go!…

 “Please Please Please Please,

I always wanted a little sister like this!! 

As an only child I always wished I had someone like this that depended on me a little… I would happily go out shopping for her!!

Here you go Umaru-chan!! I bought you all sorts of goodies!!

/Mission Complete!\

Which brings us to the next expression!

– Confident Expression –

This one is also so, so cute! I wish I had more words to describe the cuteness!

She also comes with folded arm parts which just adds to the arrogant feeling behind the expression! Plus as you may have noticed in the previous gif animation… she also comes with even more junk food parts for the Umaru banquet!! 

You can pose these around her, or pose her holding them… become her big brother and give her all sorts of goodies!! If you give her some of your favorite foods you’re sure to get a very happy expression – something like this one!!

– Excited Expression –


Oooooooohhh!! (´□`。)

The problem is that once I see her enjoying them so much I won’t be able to stop giving her delicious goodies to see it more!! 

If the included optional parts are too small, you can always head out and get some real candy instead!! ♡

△ It’s quite big when compared to the Nendoroid-sized version!

Here you go Umaru-chan!

\Say “Ahhhh”♪/

This smile!! Priceless!!

The fifth and final expression is…

– Smiling Expression –

Those of you who have read the original manga will recognise this smile from a couple of rather memorable scenes…! ♡

Just looking at it makes me feel happy and relaxed as well!!

I can’t wait to be lazy at home with her, or even take her out for treats sometimes!! I will happily be her elder brother!!

You can also become her elder brother and enjoy all the expressions and optional parts to your heart’s desire! Recreate your favorite scenes from the series or even create your very own original scenes! ♪

Nendoroid Umaru!

She’ll be up for preorder from tomorrow! ★

Be sure to check the Good Smile Company website for more details!

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Finally a live broadcast reminder! (。・ω・)ノ゙


Hatsune Miku no Jikan 8

Date: 22nd May from 19:00~
URL: http://live.nicovideo.jp/watch/lv221172984


– Magical Mirai Time –

Budoukan Live! Information about the Hatsune Miku event taking place on the 4th – 6th September, Magical Mirai 2015!

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Information regarding the upcoming game Hatsune Miku Project mirai DX! ♪

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The vote taken during this section will decide the 2016 Nendoroid Snow Miku Outfit! What will the final design be?!


It’s already that time of year again!!

Time for the fans votes to decide the fate of this year’s Snow Miku!! ♥︎ 

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See you all again tomorrow!!

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