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I have recently discovered just how tasty marshmallows are. The soft, fluffy and sweet taste… it’s the food of angels!

Anyway, as you have probably seen from the title, today I’ll be taking a look at what was going on at the…

Miyazawa Model Exhibition!

I know there were many of you who were waiting for me to tweet from the exhibition, and I’m sorry I wasn’t able to! It’s a little late, but here are some of the photos I took at the event!

For those who don’t know…

What is the Miyazawa Model Exhibition?

The Miyazawa Model Exhibition’s is an industry-only event organised by Miyazawa Models, which allows distributors and manufacturers to display their figures, character goods, miniature cars and more among each other. The event is not directly open to the public.

Anyway! As usual with this event, I’m going to take a look through all the items that caught my eye during the event, starting with GSC’s products!

– GSC Corner –

△ The smile mark means the items were not allowed to be photographed!

Nendoroid Charlotte Dunois
Nendoroid Laura Bodewig

△ Laura is up for order! Charl is up later today!

You can find my reviews on these two over here:
⇒ Nendoroid Laura Bodewig
Nendoroid Charlotte Dunois

Nendoroid Co-de PriPara!

Find out more about the Nendoroid Co-de series on the special site:
⇒ http://www.goodsmile.info/en/nendoro-code

You can also find my reviews of the most recently announced Sophie here:
⇒ Nendoroid Co-de: Sophie Hojo


Nendoroid Éclair Martinozzi

From DOG DAYS” comes a Nendoroid of the Biscotti Knights Praetorian Guards unit leader!  I’m sure we’ll be seeing a painted version of her soon! ♥︎


Nendoroid Yamato

I think this is the biggest standard Nendoroid of all time!

I think she might be joining us during this week’s live broadcast!

Nendoroid Uzuki Shimamura

Don’t forget that Nendoroid Rin Shibuya is currently up for preorder! ♡

Nendoroid Mio Honda will also be following them shortly!

I’ll let you know as soon as I hear of any progress! 

Nendoroid Umaru

An anime version of Himouto! Umaru-chan has been announced! 
Perhaps we can expect more of her in the future…! (´´∞``)

Anime Series: Himouto! Umaru-chan
Official Site: http://umaru-ani.me/
Official Twitter: @umaru_anime

Nendoroid Mikazuki Munechika

If you order him from the GOODSMILE ONLINE SHOP, you’ll also get a Nendoroid Plus: Rubber Strap with the same pose as above! Find out more over on his product page!

You can also watch the TV advert currently on air over here:

Anyway, let’s move on to the scale figures! ♪

Shigure Kai Ni

Order for her close later today!! Don’t miss out!! 



Ryuko Matoi: Senketsu Kisaragi Ver.

Ryuko is up for preorder as of today!

This is definitely a figure that fans of the series won’t want to miss out on! Just look at how epic she looks!! ♪

You can find my review over here: Ryuko Matoi: Senketsu Kisaragi Ver.


This product will be up for preorder on Friday!

The second model in the GOOD SMILE ARMS Series! ★


GOOD SMILE ARMS is a new articulated figure series from Good Smile Company based on the theme of ‘mecha’, with a focus on preserving the intricate, sharp designs of mecha and other robotic designs while still allowing great freedom of posing though careful articulation. All the painting skills GSC has acquired though years of working on figures will also be put to use in the series, allowing for colors and textures that suit the detailed sculpting, and bring out the unique presence of mecha designs. The series will also be a larger scale compared to most articulated mecha figures, and will feature robots from not only anime, but also from various games and other media. We hope you’ll look forward to the upcoming line-up!

– GSA Series –
Full Action Model Chamber

This I-401 actually opens up as in the photo above!! <○><○>
Just wait a little longer for more details! Coming Friday!

Awoken Hera-Ur

From the popular puzzle RPG game ‘Puzzle & Dragons’ comes…

A 1/8th Scale of Awoken Hera-Ur!

Her lovely touchable blue skin contrasting with the fiery blaze around her makes for a lovely figure! I hear she will also be up for preorder very soon!!


Many may have noticed a change here!!

The base has been completely redone, and the figure is now well on her way to being up for preorder! Just be patient with us a little bit longer!!

Another thing to remember is that we also have a Nadeko Sengoku: Medusa Ver. in the works!!

I’ll let everyone know when I get any news about this one too! (`・ω・´)ゞ

Well, that’s it for the GSC figures! What did you think?! Tomorrow I’ll be taking a look at some of Max Factory and Phat! Company’s figures!

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See you all again tomorrow!!

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