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Just a quick warning that there might be some spoilers to KILL la KILL in this blog! You might want to avoid reading if you haven’t finished the series!

Anyway, without further ado today’s blog will be taking a look at…

Ryuko Matoi: Senketsu Kisaragi Ver.!★

From the anime series ‘KILL la KILL’ comes a scale figure of Ryuko Matoi wearing Senketsu in her final form after absorbing the strength of all the Goku Uniforms to become ‘Senketsu Kisaragi’! The pose comes from episode 24 of the anime series, ‘Past the Infinite Darkness’, where Ryuko fought against Ragyo Kiryuin in outer space.

The pose and design captures Ryuko’s feminine beauty, but also shows off her strong will and determination though her powerful gaze. The base will made in the image of outer space to help bring out the atmosphere of the final battle, and the figure itself can be enjoyed from any angle you choose to view her from. Be sure to add her to your collection!

Waaaaaaaaaaa!!!! (´□`。)

A 1/8th scale of Ryuko-chan wearing Senketsu in their final form!!! She is posed holding a scissor blade in each hand, confident for battle!

The long awaited figure that captures Ryuko at her strongest point in the final climax scene is the series is finally here! Who would ever have expected to see Ryuko become this at the end of the epic story!! ヽ(*・ω・)人(・ω・*)ノ

I still listen to the theme songs all the time! The first and second opening and ending were all amazing!!


By the way, you can still watch KILL la KILL episode one on the following websites:
⇒ NicoNico Douga: KILL la KILL Episode One
⇒ Bandai Channel: KILL la KILL Episode One

You can find other streaming sites for specific countries here:

Anyway, let’s get back to the figure!

Senketsu really looks like a weapon of great power, but still shows off loads of soft looking skin!

The contrast between the texture of Ryuko’s skin and Senketsu is lovely!

The figure has been brushed-up multiple times since it’s prototype stages, and although it’s a relatively simple standing (floating?) pose, the vigour and power of Ryuko comes though very effectively through the sculpt and paintwork! 

Let’s see how she looks from the back! ヽ(゚◇゚ )ノ

The translucent effect parts are amazing! ♥ 

I think most people who see her from behind will have their eyes pulled to her lovely bottom at first, but there are many, many things to enjoy even from the back! Just look at the effect parts emanating from her hips or the gradient paintwork and enamel appearance of her thigh-high boots. (●´ω`●)ゞ

This is the only coloured prototype of this figure that exists at the moment, and I had to be so careful when putting her together! In particular the thin effect parts… I was rather nervous taking photos of her! (/ω\)

As a side note, the final product that will be reaching everyone will be nowhere near as delicate as the prototype, so don’t worry about that! (It also might just be that I’m just really clumsy….)

Her fiery hair also makes use of translucent parts!

What an exquisite gradient effect!!

You can feel her burning spirit with ease through the sculpt and paintwork! The translucent parts also are really a treat for the eyes! ♪

Another thing I want to point out here is how the collar is fluttering!

Even with a pose that isn’t technically moving, the sculpt includes dynamic elements that definitely make it feel alive! I took all my photos in a rather light environment, but I’m sure that making use of all the translucence in a dark room with various lighting effects would make for some amazing photos! ♪

The red to black gradient of her boots and the shading of her knees… not to mention the curves around her thighs and bottom that you can see from this angle. Everything is so delicious! *nom* (๑´ㅂ`๑) *nom*

But there is still so many more amazing points!

The ribcage, belly button, thighs and even underboob…! 

The powerful, vigorous feeling of the figure is one thing, but even with that there were definitely no corners cut when it comes to creating an absolutely beautiful body!

I just want to run my eyes and fingers along those beautiful curves all day! (*´Д`)=з

It’s certainly a figure that faithfully captures both Ryuko’s beautiful body together with her spirit from the final episode of the series!

Experience the KILL la KILL universe right in your own figure collection! A figure that looks incredible from any angle!♡

The 1/8th Scale…
Ryuko Matoi: Senketsu Kisaragi Ver.!

She’ll be up for preorder from next week! 
Don’t miss out!!

★ KILL la KILL Official Site
Animation Studio TRIGGER Inc. Official Site

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