Hello everyone, Kahotan here! (@gsc_kahotan)

The dreaded pollen season is upon us! I can feel my nose getting irritated already! But anyway! Today I’m going to be writing a little blog on where you can keep up with the latest information from GSC on Twitter and more!


– GSC / General Information –



News and info from the US Team!

Mamitan @gsc_mamitan

News and info from the EU Team!

Maritan @gsc_Maritan

Release dates, blog updates and… stuff!

gsc_kevin @gsc_kevin


Everything below here is in Japanese unless otherwise noted, but still worth the follow! 


New products, other news and release info!♪

Gumako @GSC_GUMA

Gumako works hard everyday to bring you the latest information about GSC products! 

Gumako is well known for attaching ~guma to the end of all her announcements! As a side note, the other four members of GumaGuma V are also on Twitter… be sure to search for them too! (。・ω・)ノ゙




New on exhibitions, display items and events! ♪

Good Smile Sales Team


The official account of the GSC Sales Team!


This was also the account used by Murakami (@gscy_murakami) during the Japan Tour!! Things on display around Akiba are often added on this account! 


– GSR Info –



Race and Goods Information! ☆

GSR Official Account
Japan: @goodsmileracing English: @GSR_PR_Blog


GSR’s Official account with all the latest information. 


Don’t forget personal sponsors are now open!!

 ⇒ goodsmile-wf-global.ecq.sc




GSR Blog’s Updater with news in real time! ☆

GSR Swemy @gsr_swemy

GOODSMILERACING’s PR Head, Sueoka! Into Year #3!


This account often features cute pictures of the race queens and other relatively rare photos!


– New Brand – 

A new Challenge from GSC!






The transforming headphones announced at WonFes! Follow this account for the latest info! ★

There are also lots of staff members with personal accounts that often share the latest information – including Max Watanabe (@MAXWATANABE) and Aki-san (@akitakanori)

Here are a few examples of these accounts! 


★ Max Factory  



– Nitohei @2tohei


I hear he has recently been very active around the time Cinderella Girls airs on Friday… ε=(。・д・。)

⇒ figma Rin Shibuya: Cinderella Project ver.


His twitter icon is ‘Nitoko’ a kanmusu illustrated by huke-san! ♥︎
You can see Max-san held on his back! 




Hi! I’m Akane a.k.a. Eiseihei.

I work in MaxFactory and belong to the Planning Div.


Akane-eiseihei was my savior during my trip to France (in terms of English). She does lots of product planning involving Hatsune Miku, and much more! 




I.G. Sakai @sakai_max


The man who can talk for ages on Live Broadcasts! I.G. stands for ‘Intelligent Gorilla’ He is the planner behind products such as this Cordelia figure that was at WonFes!



Takaku Joutouhei


The planner behind the upcoming 1/350 scale plastic model Shimakaze!

He is also the main man behind the Max Factory Blog so be sure to check that out too! ☆


★ Good Smile Company ★


Kyojin @gsc_kyojin


The head of the planning team! Standing over 180cm in height! The 155cm me always has to look up to him to talk! His icon is Kyojiko, illustrated by Kurehito Misaki!

As for a recent procut he has planned, he is responsible for the Saekano figures! ♪





The head planner for the new Nendoroid Co-de series of figures!

You’ll find him most active during Saturday mornings, and Friday night’s Cinderella time!


Ohno-shi @gsc_ohno


For those looking for updates on male figures, look no further! He is helping out lots with the planning of figures from DRAMAtical Murder, such as Nendoroid Koujaku which was announced at WonFes! ☆




Hirase Shuutarou


Chanshuu-senpai is going by his real name on Twitter?! (((( ;°Д°))))
He is responsible for various products including the Haikyuu!! figures and the upcoming ‘Is the order a rabbit?’ figures! ♪

Sometimes his tweets are really filled with love for the series he is working with…!


Well, how many are you following?!

I wonder if there is anyone here that was following them all before this blog! You can also keep up on GSC news from various sites and social networking services:

☆ Official Site: http://www.goodsmile.jp
★ Official Site (English) :  http://www.goodsmile.com

★Facebook (JP): https://www.facebook.com/goodsmilejapan
★Facebook (EN): https://www.facebook.com/goodsmileenglish
★Facebook (FR): https://www.facebook.com/GoodSmileCompanyFrance
★Facebook (NL): https://www.facebook.com/GoodSmileCompanyGerman
★Facebook (IT): https://www.facebook.com/goodsmilecompanyit
★Facebook (ES): https://www.facebook.com/GoodSmileEspanol

☆ tumblr. (Japan) : http://good-smile-company.tumblr.com
☆ tumblr. (US) : http://goodsmilecompanyus.tumblr.com/

☆ Instagram (Japan) : https://instagram.com/goodsmilecompany/
☆ Instagram (US) : https://instagram.com/goodsmilecompanyofficial/

We will also be starting an English email newsletter soon!!

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