Just one week until WonFes!

Hello everyone, Kahotan here! (@gsc_kahotan)

I have been battered by the cold today… I hope there is no snow next week! Snow during WonFes makes everything so much more difficult! But at least it suits Snow Miku!!

Anyway, today I’m going to write an article a little different to normal! I’m going to be speaking with Enu-shi from the GSC Design team about the ‘Snow Miku’ packages of the past! ♪

His hat always reminds me of the children’s book, ‘The Three Robbers’!

WonFes is just around the corner!
Winter WonFes has often been associated with Snow Miku! 

What was the reason behind Nendoroid Snow Miku: Strawberry White Kimono Ver. having such a unique package?

Nendoroid Snow Miku: Strawberry White Kimono Ver. was very different to the previous Snow Mikus as all her parts and outfit were very heavily influenced by Japanese culture. I wanted to try and include that feeling with the packaging! It was also the first item past Nendoroid #300 to have its packaging revealed, which also made me want to do something special and new about it!

I thought up a couple of designs, but ended up with the Japanese-style wrapped gift packaging!

Then there was last year’s Nendoroid Snow Miku: Magical Snow Ver.

This one had a rather large and impressive package too!  (; ・`д・´)

Where did you get the idea for this one? 

Well, the product itself came with a really nice book-shaped stand, which made me want to take it a step further and turn the packaging into a book as well! The size wasn’t too much of a problem as things like Racing Miku had been large in the past… but in the end in order to protect the spine section and printing on the front… we needed to add another layer of packaging to protect the packaging!! 

I see! So that’s why the book came in a separate cardboard box!

I actually quite like opening up boxes anyway, so this wasn’t a problem for me at all! ♡ 

The actual package was also made to open up like a book! It was incredible!

Yep! It’s great to work on the outer design of a package, but adding something like this and giving it an inside as well added a whole new aspect of design!

By the way, when we announce products the packaging generally isn’t yet complete – we can only really show it to everyone once the products are ready for sale!  I think that’s a good thing though! It means there is something for the fans to look forward to seeing as a surprise when their figure arrives! It’s a little fun thing about the figure to look forward to!

Nendoroid Snow Miku: Magical Snow Ver.  was the second Snow Miku to have a special package for fans to enjoy, and they were also great fun for me as a designer to try and challenge new things.

Nendoroid Snow Miku Snow Bell Ver.  is going to be revealed on tonight’s live broadcast… do you have any hints for us?


This time around I was focused on the shape!

It’s a little hard to explain in words, but it’s definitely one of my best recent designs. I’m quite happy with how it turned out! 

As for a hint… I used a couple of candy boxes for inspiration! Plus, the theme this year was  Winter in Hokkaido, I had to keep that in the design! The colors have a very gentle feeling to them!


I can’t wait to see it!! (`・ω・´)ゞ 


I’ll be sure to keep working on interesting ideas so fans don’t get bored! I hope everyone enjoys looking at the packages as much as I enjoy designing them!


But that’s not all! Let’s also take a closer look at the recently released ‘Nendoroid Devil Homura’ packaging! 

*Yassan, the figure’s planner hugging wooser while working.

This package features varnished feathers all over the packaging! They have an ever so slight 3D look as if jumping out from the packaging!

The harlequin pattern on the side of the box also gives it a very high class appearance!

Similarly, you might have noticed that Nendoroid Shoyo Hinata has volleyballs on the front of his design!

Be sure to take a close look at your Nendoroid packages! You might find some interesting things! ♪

Hmm? What’s that on Chanshuu-senpai’s desk?! 

It’s Nendoroid Kurumi Tokisaki! She’s scheduled to released next month!! <○><○>

(・∀・) “Hoho! You have good eyes, Kahotan!!”

“The clock area around her has a matte texture and looks and feels awesome! Look forward to it!”

I hope everyone is taking a good look at their Nendoroid packages from now on! Don’t miss out on part of the fun… no matter how much you want to open up the figure!

I’m sure there will be various more fun and interesting packages coming up!!

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Finally a quick WonFes notice! The WONDERFUL HOBBY LIFE FOR YOU!!21 booth will have the following available as hand outs!

 – figma/Nendoroid Catalogue

 – Nendoroid Calender 2015 ♡ 

The calender is a one-year calender starting from April 2015!

Of course April is none other than Sakura Miku!!

Be sure to grab one is you visit the event!

It’s a nice way to remember the event!

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Anyway, see you all again tomorrow!

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