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With just two weeks left until WonFes… it’s just about the right time to start panicking! (By the way, Nendoroid Amatsukaze is currently on sale! ♥︎)

Today I’m going to be taking a look at some of the activities that you can take part in if you come by the WonHobby booth during WonFes!  (`・ω・´)ゞ

We have dubbed these activities as ‘User Communication’, activities that let us get closer to the fans! This year we will be running all sorts of fun things, two of which were also run in 2014 very successfully…

The Expression Challenge and
The Sculptor Talk Corner!

More information is available over on the WonHobby Site

 Let me take a quick look at both of them for those who are unfamiliar!

– Expression Challenge –

A special corner where you can try drawing your very own original Nendoroid face! ♪ 

Last time we had a WonHobby 20 logo on each of the blank expressions, but of course all the expressions from this event will include the WonHobby 21 logo instead! It shall become a memory to remember!!

*Last Year’s blank expression. The 21 logo will be in the same place.

We will have various drawing tools for you to use at the event hall, but you are of course also welcome to bring your own tools. (Please don’t bring any organic solvents such as paint thinner!)

This time around we will also have a photo booth in place! Once your expression is done take a photo and have it placed up on our wall of expressions! We also plan to have a special site that will showcase the expressions to those who can’t make it to the event! ☆


Make an expression to remember the WonHobby 21 booth by! ヽ(*・ω・)人(・ω・*)ノ

You can see last year’s Expression Challenge here:
⇒ GSC Lab: Expression Challenge Report

By the way! Did you know that the expression challenge has been held at various events around the world as well?!

– Singapore: Anime Festival Asia 2014 –


It’s become quite a standard activity when planning booth activities for any event! (。・ω・)ノ゙

I’m sure we’ll be running it at various events both in and out of Japan, so come by and take part at some stage! It’s a lot of fun!! 

– Sculptor Advice Corner –

Ask any questions you’d like to Max Factory and GSC’s Sculptors! 

For those sculptor’s that are looking for some advice to improve their works, this is the perfect opportunity! Whether you are a professional or beginner, feel free to apply and ask some questions! ♪

Note that this will activity will require a reservation!

This is because we want to give everyone a fair amount of time to get through their questions! To apply, please see the instructions on this page:

Please note that you must be able to speak Japanese to take part in this activity!

I have decided to to a little interview with each of the sculptor’s that will be at the event, so you can get a feel for who will be answering your questions! I also asked the planners Hamako and Akane-Eiseihei for their opinions on the sculptor! 

Let’s get started!!


YOSHI (Max Factory)

– What made you become a sculptor? –

I took part in the Summer WonFes in 2001 where I first found out about garage kits. That was when I knew my sculptor’s spirit had awakened. I could smell the money! So I decided to jump into the world of sculpting and give it all I had! After deciding that, I quickly left the event hall.

– A word to those who want to participate? –

Whether you’re just doing sculpting as a hobby or you consider yourself a professional, I’m sure you can benefit from taking part – everyone doing sculpting always wants to get better, so take that feeling and let us give you some advice!

☆ Akane Eiseihei Memo ☆

YOSHI! A sculptor who loves five a-side football! He sometimes comes back injured, but his hands are always kept safe… as expected of the ‘sculptor’s spirit’! He works mainly on scale figures with epo putty. He is also a very sociable person, so I’m sure he will be happy to give all sorts of advice!


Shinji Koshinuma (Max Factory)

Sculptor of: figma Saber 2.0

– What made you become a sculptor? –

When I was a child, I found some garage kits at the Kotobukiya store in Tachikawa which is when I first found out about the profession. I decided then and there that I wanted to see my own name of the product packaging one day, and started to go to a special school that specialized in figure sculpting.

The GSC CEO came to give a lecture at the time and offered a chance to come see the GSC offices… one thing led to another and now here I am!

– A word to those who want to participate? –

This is a really good chance to get the opinion of someone else on your work! I recommend bringing any material you used while working on your sculpt in order to get the best out of the opportunity! I personally would love to see any original figma works!! I’ll see you at the Makuhari Messe!

☆ Akane Eiseihei Memo ☆

Kosshii-senpai! He knows all the best places to eat!! Even though he is a pretty quiet in person, he talks a whole lot on Twitter! Everything he ever makes never ceases to amaze me! His passion toward sculpting is also incredible, and I’m sure he’ll be happy to share it with you at the event!


Masanori Kuroda (Max Factory)


– What made you become a sculptor? –

I was a huge fan of CAPCOM, so after high school I enrolled in a technical college that focused on figures in Tokyo, Shinjuku. That was where I first made figures, and saw all sorts of professional and amateur works day after day. Looking at all those works made me work even harder to become a professional myself. I also owe a lot to my roommate at the time, who influenced me a lot!

– A word to those who want to participate? –

There are loads of books and tutorials on the practical side of sculpting, but when it comes down to the way of thinking and what to do once you’re finished… there isn’t much to work with! I know many people have learned sculpting by themselves, which can often leave you stuck once you reach a certain point!

This is the perfect opportunity to have someone else look at your work and point out things you may not have noticed. It’s a chance to help you figure out how to improve – so let’s get to it!

☆ Akane Eiseihei Memo ☆

The tall sculptor with a weak stomach, Kero-chan! He can be a little slow at times, but he really makes all kinds of figures from the cutest girls to amazing male figures. He is kind-hearted and hard-working, and I’m sure he can help you with any problems you might be having with your sculpting!

Akihito Takano (Good Smile Company)

Nendoroid KanColle Series Sculpting Director.
– What made you become a sculptor? –

I always enjoyed making and sculpting things and wanted to become a professional. I made my own style of things for ages, but then about 10 years ago at WonFes I happened to make friends with the guy at the table next to mine – and he introduced me to a professional sculptor! That then led to me finding a job creating the things I loved so much.

Although my work at GSC at the moment is more on direction and management than actual sculpting at the moment, I do still make things all the time – including items that I enter into the GSC Cup competition!

– A word to those who want to participate? –

Come by and ask me whatever you want! I’m even happy to do some career counselling if you’d like!

☆ Hamako Memo ☆

The movie-loving, reliable sculpting director who loves to talk! His recent work on the KanColle series and the intricate ship parts around them has been amazing! He figures out the perfect sizes and methods to get around the most complex of sculpting problems in no time!


Mesuka (Good Smile Company)

Sculpting Director of the Nendoroid Vocaloid Series

– What made you become a sculptor? –

When I was a student I saw a Card Captor Sakura figure at the Kotobukiya Tachikawa store, and instantly knew that I wanted to be able to make things like that myself. I joined the sculpting club at my university where I learned all sorts of things. While looking for jobs I was set out to find a job making things, which led me on the path of the figure maker…. where I managed to get a job working with Good Smile Company.

– A word to those who want to participate? –

I don’t think this kind of opportunity arises very often, so please feel free to come by and have a chat!

☆ Hamako Memo ☆

Whenever I give a really vague description of what I want to do, Mesuka is always able to find a really great way to bring out exactly what I describe. It’s so easy to discuss sculpting things with him that I am sure that anyone who comes by will enjoy chatting with him. Plus he is the life of the sculpting room! Always bringing up new topics and wearing eccentric clothes!

ehenmushi (Good Smile Company)

Sculpting Director of the LoveLive! Nendoroid Series

– What made you become a sculptor? –

When I was young I really enjoyed collecting things. The Star Wars films premiered while I was in high school, and I became addicted to collecting the Pepsi bottle-caps at the time… I went to all the supermarkets and convenience stores I could find to locate the bottle-caps that I didn’t yet have. But after collecting things for many years my vision started to change… it wasn’t enough to just collect them any more – I needed to start making them for myself!

– A word to those who want to participate? –

Perhaps it’s just me… but I think a sculptor’s work is suited to those who can become completely addicted to what they are doing – so much so that nothing else around them even enters the senses! Someone who’s room is filled with the things they love. I’m happy to give advice on anything you bring through to me, but I’m also more than happy to chat about things like that as well!

☆ Hamako Memo ☆

A director that takes a logical approach to sculpting, slowly building up perfect figures. He also has a really playful side as well though! There have even been some interesting pranks played in the sculpting workshop on the past… so don’t always take him too seriously! Also… for some reason he often brings back souvenirs of fish or seafood!


Kai Sasaki (Good Smile Company)

– What made you become a sculptor? –

Originally I was studying special effects makeup at a technical college, where I met another student in my class who was making figures. The first time I happened to see him working on one was the first time I thought to myself that someone actually has to make the things – strangely that was something I had never really considered and it came to me as quite a shock. I decided to enroll in a special figure sculpting class alongside my special effects makeup studies. I then went on to enter GSC’s Sculptor’s Tryout, which got me where I am today! 

– A word to those who want to participate? –

I’ll be taking this seriously, so come at me with some serious questions!!

☆ Hamako Memo ☆

A charming sculptor with a bit of a quirky side to him! He has the amazing ability to make some really cute animals! He is also a similar age to me which makes asking sculpting questions less daunting. He is also my Pripara comrade!


There you have it!  hope you got a bit of a feel for each of the sculptor’s and their personalities!

Don’t forget to book a spot at the advice corner!! φ(.. )

More details in Japanese here:
Please note that advice will only be available in Japanese! Sorry!

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