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Yesterday was Coming of Age Day here in Japan, where those who have turned twenty over the past year dress-up and celebrate becoming adults! I still can’t believe they all must have been younger than me! They were wearing kimonos which make them look so mature and grown-up!

Anyway, we’re already well into 2015 now, but today I’m going to be taking a look at the 2014 most popular blog articles as well as the most popular products of 2014!  (`・ω・´)ゞ

By the way, this is this year’s Nendoroid Calender! ♡ 

*The calender given out at WonFes will be a school calender starting fro April, so it will be a little different to this one!

Anyway, let’s start off with my blog ranking!

Kahotan Blog: Access Ranking! 

*Based on the Japanese access numbers

1st Place: Nendoroid Kongo

2nd Place: Nendoroid Ryuko Matoi

3rd Place: Snow Miku 2014: The ‘Spell Book Stand’ Revealed!

4th Place: 1/7th Scale Benten

5th Place: figFIX Shimakaze: Half-Damage ver.

6th Place: Yamato Kai: Light Armament Ver.

7th Place: Nendoroid Kaga

8th Place: Nendoroid Honoka Kousaka

9th Place: Nendoroid Aoba & Ren

10th Place: Nendoroid Renge Miyauchi


11th Place: Nendoroid Sakura Kinomoto
12th Place: Nendoroid Yoshino
13th Place: Nendoroid Elsa
14th Place: Satsuki Kiryuin: Senketsu Ver.
15th Place: Nendoroid Shoyo Hinata

Nendoroid Kongo took the crown this year!

The popularity of KanColle has not died down at all over 2014! Once again the KanMusu are all over the top articles! ε=(。・д・。)

Don’t forget you can currently preorder Nendoroid Kirishima, one of Kongo’s sister ships! ♡

Orders are open at the GOOD SMILE ONLINE SHOP, which also include a special sleeve and Nendoroid base as a bonus!

Orders are open until the 21st January 2014 at 21:00JST!
Don’t miss out! φ(.. )

GSC Online: Nendoroid Kirishima

Plus fans have another KanMusu to look forward to…!

I get the feeling you might want to check the GSC site tomorrow…!

Another thing worth mentioning is the popularity of male figures! Three out of the top fifteen… I’m sure we’ll be seeing more and more! φ(.. )

Even at the moment you can order Nendoroid NoizNendoroid Tobio Kageyama and figma Kirito: GGOver.!


I’m sure male figure fans will have a lot to look forward to this year as well! ♡

Anyway! Let’s now take a look at figure popularity – based on the total number of items sold! ヽ(*・ω・)人(・ω・*)ノ


2014 Product Sales Ranking

1st Place: Nendoroid Shimakaze

2nd Place: figma Mikasa Ackerman

3rd Place: Nendoroid Snow Miku: Magical Snow Ver.

4th Place: figma Shimakaze

5th Place: figma Levi

6th Place: figma Eren Yeager

7th Place: Nendoroid Link: Windwaker Ver.

8th Place: Nendoroid Kongo

9th Place: Nendoroid Akagi

10th Place: Nendoroid Levi

As I’m sure you can tell, last year’s most popular products were definitely focused around Kantai Collection -KanColle-  and Attack on Titan!!

I look forward to seeing which items will make the rankings of 2015!

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That’s all for the rankings! But I want to end today with a quick introduction to the Max Factory blog! (●´ω`●)

The blog obviously focuses on Max Factory’s products, but often features exclusive photos or information for fans to enjoy! ★

I personally would like to recommend these articles! (・ω・)ノ

Written by the ‘Socrates of the Posing World’: Masu-senpai!

The stylish figma posing really shines in these posts! The Avenger’s series blogs are some of my best!

· figma Thor
· figma Iron Man Mk.7
· figma Captain America

Written by the “Intelligent Gorilla” IG Sakai! 

You can really feel his love for figures and the characters in his blogs!☆ The easiest to recommend is definitely this one! ♪

figma Goro Inogashira

By the way… have you seen Max Factory’s New Year card…?
figma Goro is being rereleased…! 


Written by the the man who openly works in the back, Takumi Jyoutouhei!

He does blogs in various categories and about various figures… plus he is an ex-editor for a magazine!!

The most recent article is written by Takumi, so be sure to take a look! 

Introducing the 1/350th Scale Shimakaze Battleship Model!

It might only be in Japanese, but be sure to give the Max Factory blog a look when you have the time! ♡

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