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I spent my whole weekend battling the cold front!
It’s only a matter of time until gloves and earmuffs are needed…!

Anyway, today I’m going to be taking a look at…

Nendoroid Noiz!


From the popular PC game ‘DRAMAtical Murder’ comes a Nendoroid of the genius Rhymer, Noiz! He comes with three expressions including his standard calm expression and a provocative smile.

His cube-type ‘ALL-MATE’ Usagimodoki is included in two different sizes for all sorts of posing options. His optional parts also allow you to pose him sitting down, or without his hat – simply select the pose that you think suits him best!

Oooooooooooohhhhhhh!!! ヽ(´ω`*)ノ

From the popular game ‘DRAMAtical Murder’ comes an adorable Nendoroid of the ‘Rhymer’ who excels at computers and hacking, Noiz! 

Everything that captures his unique look and personality has been carefully preserved on the Nendoroid – from the trademark pin on his hat to the relaxed yet sharp gaze in his eyes. It’s an amazing balance of cute and cool that fits Noiz so nicely!! 

This is actually the second Nendoroid from the game, following on from the previously released Nendoroid Aoba

This is how he looks from the back! ☆

The details and patterns on his hat and other little accessories are lovely! The lime green and dark blue colors that make up his outfit look just like they did in the game!! ヘ(゚∀゚*)ノ

(・∀・) “We took the separation of colors to the utmost limits for this Nendoroid!”

We’re joined by the figure’s planner, Ohno-shi!

(・∀・) “Aoba also had a very intricate set of paintwork on his outfit, and we wanted to ensure Noiz’s lived up to that same level of quality. Various parts of his outfit feature pin point details too – like the shiny paintwork on the badge, or the paintwork of the sharply sculpted studs on his arms! Each and every part of his outfit was very carefully considered!”

The fluffy looking parts of his hat also look like they really should be soft to the touch! Not to mention the little details on the badges and tie on his chest! Even his shoes are sculpted in lovely detail even in Nendoroid size! (●´ω`●)

Let’s take a look at his next expression part!

A grinning smile, ready to take on anyone!

What a lovely expression it is! ☆

(・∀・) “Noiz’s eyes were definitely where we spent the most time! We wanted to keep the chibi look of the Nendoroid series, but at the same time we needed to match them on the different expression parts. We tried all sorts of different options, and eventually settled on these eyes – they’re cute, but they definitely still have that Noiz confidence in them as well!”

As, in other words if the eyes on the standard expression were too sharp, then they would end up looking rather strange on this expression! Nendoroid expression can change an unbelievable amount just by changing the size and positioning of the eyes! They really need to be considered carefully to really match up with the character, but still keep the chibi Nendoroid look!  (/ω\)

(・∀・) “I’m sure fans will enjoy this confident smile though!” 

Hey! His hat is missing!! <○><○>

(・∀・) “That’s right! He comes with alternate hair and head parts that allow you to display him without his hat!”

Oooh! Lovely!! (*´Д`)=з

His hair has a rather gentle coloring to it underneath the hat! Not to mention the details of the earrings all over his hears!!

(・∀・) “We couldn’t quite include every single earring on the Nendoroid… but we discussed with the publisher which should be left on the Nendoroid! It still keeps that heavily pierced feeling of Noiz, without breaking down the Nendoroid look!”

It’s great to have a publisher willing to help out on decisions like that! He looks great!!
A big thanks to Nitro+CHiRAL!

Moving onto his final expression parts…

Hyahooooooooooooo!!! (´□`。)

He looks rather stressed out… as if clicking his tongue in annoyance!

How can an expression like this still look so adorable?! ★

This expression also captures Noiz’s personality nicely! By the way… why wasn’t the name of the third expression in the product introduction text?

(・∀・) “This expression can really be used in so many different ways, it was too hard to name! It could be a sulking face, an embarrassed face or just an annoyed face!”  

Now that you mention it! I guess that’s true!!
It can be used in all sorts of ways!

(・∀・) “He also comes with some rather special parts!”

Oooh! Sitting parts!! (・ω・ノ)ノ!

(・∀・) “The special parts let you pose him sitting with one leg up in his classic pose!” 

Definitely a sitting pose that would only ever be found with a male character! Lovely! ♥︎

Even though it’s the same expression as before, it definitely looks more like an embarrassed expression this time around! 

(・∀・) “There really are a load of different possibilities for that final expression! Plus in case you missed it… Noiz also comes with a large Usagimodoki which he is using as a chair here! He could be seen throwing it in the forth photo as well if you were paying attention!” 

Usagimodoki  actually appeared a lot in the photos above if you were playing attention! He also comes with a smaller size version as well!

Noiz doesn’t come with computer parts, but if you use some that come with other Nendoroids… 

*Makes use of parts from Nendoroid Akari Yomatsuri!

You can recreate scenes from the game just like this!!

(・∀・) “If you play around with the optional parts you can create some very different atmospheres between the two as well!”

For example…
The exact same pose from two photos ago with different expressions…

This certainly seems like a rather different story to the first photo!

(・∀・) “I’m sure fans can be inspired to make all sorts of fun and interesting situations for Noiz!” 

Filled with detail and charm… be sure to display him with Aoba! ♥︎

Nendoroid Noiz!

He’ll be up for preorder from tomorrow!!

Plus, just like Aoba, the first production run will feature a background from the game used as inner packaging! This means you can use it as a background for the Nendoroid! (σ・∀・)σ

Don’t miss out!! ♪


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Jingle bells, jingle bells~♪
\ Nendoroids all the way~♪

Winter is here and Chrismas is close on the way! Which means that it’s time for me to change my Twitter header to a new theme! <○><○>


Back at the start of Autumn I got this lovely  header photo from Orchidcat ()…

But the time has come for a change of seasons!
Which means I am once again…

Requesting photos for a Winter-themed Twitter header! 



If you’re happy for me to use your photo, then be sure to send it through!
Kahotan Twitter Header Collection ~2014 Winter~

Email: kahotan-b@goodsmile.jp

– Title –

Include the words ‘Header OK’ (ヘッダーOK) in the title!

– Body –

・A little comment about your photo! Where it was taken or what inspired you!

・A nickname which I can credit you with on the blog and Twitter!

– Photo –

A photo of a Nendoroid or GSC Scale Figure with the theme of ‘Winter’! Anything else goes! 

*Please only send items you have personally photographed.
*Your photo may be cropped and edited slightly for use as a header.
*I may introduce the photo on my blog, even if not used in the header.
*I will contact you if I choose your photo to be used.

*The photo will be in use from late December until February.

I’m waiting for everyone’s lovely Winter photos!!

Plus as always, you are welcome to email me with other photos or questions!

* Please contact the support team if you have problems with your products though!
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It’s that time again~!

Kahotan Station: December Edition

■ Date & Time
17th December from 20:00JST


◇ This months highlights!

・Nendoroid #500 and GSC’s Japan Factory!
・Nendoroid Archer: Super Movable Edition
・Nendoroid Kokomi and Chloe from Girl Friend Beta
・Nendoroid Noiz!

◇ A look at some upcoming goodies!

・The ‘King of the Court’ in Nendoroid size!
・More KanColle girls coming to take over the Nendo seas!
・The driver of the Ankou Team, finally joining the crew!
・Kirito… from Gungale Online?!
・A Miku illustrated by Risa Ebata!
…and more

◇ Some more info about WonFes!

■ This month’s guest host:
Hamako (Planning Team)


I will also be running another live broadcast on the 22nd December, taking a look at the goods on sale at this Winter’s Comic Market 87 booth

I’ll provide more details about that at a later stage!

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