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Today I’m going to be taking a look at…

The 1/8th Scale:
Satsuki Kiryuin: Senketsu Ver.!


From the anime series ‘KILL la KILL’ comes a figure of Satsuki Kiryuin based on one of the final scenes from the anime where she wears Senketsu! The figure is based on the garage kit created and sold by Iwanaga Sakurako from Shokubutu Shojo-en – the PVC figure version has been sculpted and painted to be as close to the original kit as possible!

Satsuki’s beautiful black hair flows around her as she stands ready to take on the world. The paintwork has been done in a unique and artistic style which is sure to give her a powerful presence in any collection!


Satsuki-sama!!! ♡(´□`。)

From KILL la KILL comes a figure of Satsuki Kiryuin in all her magnificence – with her beautiful black hair flowing around her, and thick, serious eyes-brows showing her determination! Not to mention that she is wearing Senketsu!! ♪

She’s simply beautiful!!

The eyes filled with unyielding determination and straight mouth make her look so imposing, and the way her hair are skirt are blowing around her give the figure a lovely dynamic element as well! Everything that made Satsuki-sama so epic has been captured in the figure beautifully! ♥︎

Plus thanks to Senketsu she is showing off her stomach!
Look at that cute belly button!!

When Satsuki is transformed she does generally show more then enough skin, but it’s different here as she is wearing a uniform! You only get to see this skin in a school uniform when Satsuki is wearing Senketsu, giving it a bit of a rare feeling to enjoy as well! 

I still clearly remember when I saw the episode where Satsuki-sama wore Senketsu in the series, I thought the uniform looked so amazing on her that I just couldn’t forget!! 

I can’t really put it into words well… but I think this figure of Satsuki-sama really captures what she became in second half of the anime… she was no longer just about strength, but a pillar for people to depend on and trust!! Ahh, I need to go rewatch the anime now!!

By the way, this figure is sculpted by Iwanaga Sakurako from Shokubutu Shojo-en, and was originally sold as a garage kit at Wonder Festival 2014 (Summer)!

(・∀・) “The delicate little details to Satsuki have been so beautifully sculpted and painted, that we really wanted to give more people the opportunity to add it to their collections! We tried our best to preserve the feel of the original kit as close as possible!”

 We’re joined by the figure’s planner, Kyojin!!

(・∀・) “Looking at Satsuki you could see the strength, beauty and awe-inspiring personality in her character… but that’s not all – even in such a simple standing pose I swear I could feel Satsuki-sama’s powerful will through the sculpt… I contacted Iwanaga-san as soon as possible to try and get a PVC version in the works!”

I guess it was love at first sight for you!

Which means that now fans can enjoy Iwanaga-san’s ‘KILL la KILL’ atmosphere in their very own collections much more easily! (`・ω・´)

Although… can you really bring out the same feeling through mass production?! 

(・∀・) “The manufacturing team is trying their very best!! For example, they have carefully made 3D data of Kouryu and Gako as faithfully to the original as possible!”

(・∀・) “Of course we want to preserve Iwanaga-san’s artistic flair as much as possible, so the manufacturing team is working very close with the production team to get the best possible results from mass production.”

But does that mean… that the metallic blue look glint in her hair will be kept in the final product?!

(・∀・) “Yep! The sculpting was amazing, but the paintwork really brings it all together, so things like the metallic shine of her hair have been preserved! Plus she also comes with an all new rock base made specially by Iwanaga-san for the PVC figure version! It helps bring out the KILL la KILL universe a little bit more!” 

Taking another look from the back…

The wind is bring rather playful with her skirt…! 

(・∀・) “You’ll have to wait till she’s in your collection to see any more than this!”

I tried to get as close as possible but this was the limit for the blog! (´□`。) 
(Due to… adult circumstances)

(・∀・) “We’ve mentioned the sculpt and paintwork a lot, but in particular I want to point out Iwanaga-san’s very unique facial expression!” 

She looks lovely in profile as well…! 

Figures are lovely in the fact that you can enjoy them from the angle of your choice, but I think that is really brought out well with this figure! You really do get a lovely view from any angle you choose! ε=(。・д・。)

Enjoy Iwanaga-san’s beautiful sculptwork filled with KILL la KILL atmosphere! ♡

The 1/8th Scale:
Satsuki Kiryuin: Senketsu Ver.!

She’ll be up for preorder from tomorrow, the 30th October!!

By the way! 
Some of you might also remember this KILL la KILL figure shown at WonFes!

The 1/8th Scale Ryuko Matoi: Kamui Senketsu Ver. is still on the way!

After a little more adjustments and brush-ups she should be ready to show!!

Plus the third in the KILL la KILL Nendoroid series has also recently been released!

Nendoroid Satsuki Kiryuin is on sale now!!
Don’t miss out!!

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