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Hello everyone, Kahotan here! (@gsc_kahotan)
I’ve always loved miko priestess outfits! I still regret not working part-time as a miko while I was living in Kyoto! Anyway, today I’ll be taking a look at FREEing’s…

Houki Shinonono: Kitsune Miko Ver.


From the popular anime series IS (Infinite Stratos) comes a figure of Houki Shinonono, Ichika’s first childhood friend and main heroine of the series! She is dressed up in a Miko priestess outfit with lovely vibrant red color, and she is also wearing fox ears and a tail! She has a bit of an embarrassed expression on her face which only brings out her charm even more.
The figure is an impressive 1/4th scale and matches up perfectly with the other characters from the same series – be sure to display them all together and recreate your very own Infinite Stratos harem!

Miko Priestess Outfit!! (*´▽`*)

That’s not all! It’s the complete outfit from the episode ‘Lovely Style’, which also featured fox ears and a tail! She’s finally here to join all the others in their similar outfits!

The embarrassed expression is lovely!! ♡

Plus don’t forget that this series is a huge 1/4th scale!!
Even from the side she has an amazing presence! (; ・`ω・´)

Her twisted hips, long legs wearing geta sandals, large ribbon on her front and even the double pony-tail have all been sculpted beautifully! (`・ω・´)

The way the front is opened up also suits Houki-chan perfectly!

She is so very cute and sexy! ♡

The opening shows off Houki’s magnificent female form!

The sculpting of her outfit also really makes it look like real fabric, and the shading done to create shadows on the outfit looks incredibly convincing! <◯><◯>

The frilly white ends of the skirt also look lovely! ♪

Anyway, let’s move over to the back!

As you can see, her beautiful long double ponytails reach all the way down to the ground!

The way she is wearing the outfit also means her back is quite revealed up at the top, showing off her shoulder blades! Not to mention that even from this angle you can see the top of her impressive bust!

Delicious!! But let’s move on and take a look at her cute expression!

A slightly embarrassed smile and super fluffy looking fox ears! ☆

The large bell on the collar around her neck matches the rest of the outfit nicely!

Plus the unique bends of her legs allow for one of those angles that just doesn’t let you see deeper into the skirt! ( -ノェ-)
Even though they’re mostly covered, even her delicate fingers have been carefully sculpted!

The cute little painted nails are just peeking out the sleeves!

And if you look from the underside…

The standby form of Akatsubaki is worn on her wrist! ε=(。・д・。)

If she was just on display normally you’d probably never notice… but even the details of covered up items are nice and detailed! ♪

You can really see FREEing’s love for Infinite Stratos!♥

Once again… I have to show off her back!

I want to run up behind her and feel her fluffy tail!!

A long fluffy tail, long windy ponytails and a beautiful miko outfit!

Houki Shinonono: Kitsune Miko Ver.

She will be up for preorder from tomorrow!

You can find the other IS characters in the same 1/4th scale series here:
Cecilia Alcott: Bunny Ver.
Charlotte Dunois: Poodle Ver.
Laura Bodewig: Bunny Ver.
Tatenashi Sarashiki: Cat Ver.
Huang Lingyin: Cat Ver.

Displayed all together they look like this! ヽ(*・ω・)人(・ω・*)ノ

What a beautiful atmosphere!! ♡♥

Be sure to create your very own Infinite Harem! ♪

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