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Recently I’ve been dreaming of getting a kitty cat… if she was white I’d name her “Momen”, brown would be “Ganmo”! But anyway, today I’m going to be taking a look at a white kitty announced by FREEing!

The 1/4th Scale:
Huang Lingyin: Cat Ver.!

From the popular anime series ‘IS (Infinite Stratos)’ comes a figure of Ichika’s second childhood friend and IS representative for China, Huang Lingyin! She has been sculpted in the cute white cat outfit from the series!

Her small build and modest body preserve her youthful appearance, and her innocent smile is ready to charm you in an impressive 1/4th scale! The other heroines from the series will also be joining her shortly!

Ooooooohhhh!!! Cat Ears!!! (*´∀`*)

Rin-chan in a super sexy cat costume!!
The perfect follow up from the recently announced…
Tatenashi Sarashiki: Cat Ver.

She is posed with one leg up in the air in a bit of a playful pose that captures her personality nicely, but also has a sexy side for fans to enjoy too!

Let’s have a look from the back! ♪

Her trademark twintails are flowing out behind her! (`・ω・´)ゞ

The way they curve inward at the ends is very cute! ♥ The big yellow ribbons in her hair are also very intricately sculpted!

Not to mention those shoulder blades!

I want to run by fingers along those smooth little bumps!
The curves of her back are also very faithful to her petite build! ♪

While her chest is rather modest, this outfit still gives it more than enough presence to be noticed!

I know that she had a bit of a complex about the size of them, but personally I rather like this size!

Move you eyes just a little lower though…. and you get an lovely bare stomach that looks so very soft and touchable!! ♡

The slight little bulge of her stomach is exquisite!

She might have a slender build, but there is definitely a little bit of meat to her that makes her look all the more touchable!!

Just looking at the point where where thighs are touching her stomach… I know in my mind she is made from a hard material, yet my mind refuses to believe it until I have tried squishing down that skin for myself! I can’t stand not touching it!! (*´Д`)=з

Her skin isn’t the only thing I want to touch though… the fluffy areas on her wrists and legs are also very compelling!! <◯><◯>

Her ShenLong bracelet is also included, hidden behind a bit of fluffiness!

The contrast of the fluffy white and the black mechanical look is lovely! ε=(。・д・。)

Be sure to grab the cute little kitten for yourself! ♪

The 1/4th Scale Figure
Huang Lingyin: Cat Ver.

She is up for preorder right now!!

Check the product page for more information: Huang Lingyin: Cat Ver. 

See more of FREEing’s Products: HERE!

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Now for some quick event information! (`・ω・´)

This weekend, GSC will be taking part in CharaHobby!


CharaHobby 2014 C3xHOBBY

Date : Date: 2014/08/23 (Sat) & 2014/08/24 (Sun)
Time: 10:00AM ~ 5:15PM
* CharaHobby Market is on Sunday only.

Location : Makuhari Messe Exhibition Halls 1/2/3

Tickets : Pre-purchase Tickets: Single/¥1,300 Double/¥2,200
Door Ticket: ¥1,500
* Children under 10 are free.

URL : http://www.chara-hobby.com


Various figures will be on display as well as all sorts of goods up for sale! Check out the event page for more information here:

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Anyways, see you again next week!!

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