Good day ladies and gentlemen!
My name is Shashaki, a member of GSC’s production team! I’m sure many of you have been wondering when part two of this blog would be coming!

The 3rd Good Smile Cup!

“Other” Section!

What’s that? You don’t know what the Good Smile Cup is? Well then be sure to take a look at the previous article I wrote where you will see the other sections I already looked at, as well as a definition of the Cup!

As a side note, I said that Kahotan would be writing part two of this blog, but I decided it was unfair that I only got to write half the blog, so I decided to steal the second half too!

Let’s get started! Here we have the ‘Other’ section entries!

First up is Tori Bird-senpai and his rather impressive Shimakaze illustration… and just look at that epic Mecha wooser too!! We also have a remote controlled Nendoroid Petite and Nendoroid Petite Love Live characters each finished up by one of this year’s newcomers! Impressive!

Each of them had a lovely personalized feeling to their work which made them all the more special. Ueda-san from the manufacturing team described her project as ‘My Kotori-chan has been born’ – a very… interesting way to describe one’s work!


Items made from fabrics like wool and felt were rather popular in this year’s ‘Other’ section. The dessert witch had a particularly large impact on me… both size-wise and emotionally!

Why so big? Why are there three different sizes? Those are questions that only the creator, Samurai knows the answer to… I am just the photographer!

It still amazes me how something so colorful and be such an absolute monster… Anyway, let’s move along…!

The little railway model is a special homage to Tomioka city! Apparently only those from Gunma prefecture will really understand it…

But anyone, as I mentioned last time I must reiterate once again…
No products here are planned to be released as actual products!

The Nendoroid Yoshino panel is simply made as a fan of IDOLM@STER! There are no actual plans for the Nendoroid to be released at this point in time! Same goes for the figma My Neighbor Seki made by GSC Shanghai’s Luu-kun!
Everything here was just made as a personal hobby! Sometimes to a very professional level…

But that brings the entries of this year’s Cup to an end! For those of you who are interested on what managed to take overall first place…

The winner was was none other than…

Kita Kita Oji-san!
I decided a picture had to be taken with his creator to commemorate!

He asked to have his face blurred out, but it was actually visible on the poster sued during the last WonFes for the sculptor’s corner, so I decided to included that too! You’ll have to put the two together for a complete look!

Here we have the winners from each of the different sections too:


○ Built-From-Scratch: Takano-san / Gamagori Nudist Beach Ver.
○ Kit Section: Noguchi-san / Mars Attack!
○ Other Section: Tori Bird-san / 1/8th Shimakaze Illustration

That brings the winners to an end! Congratulations!

Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture with Noguchi-san and his Mars Attack so I just stuck his name on the photo instead! Forgive me!

Anyway, I look forward to the 4th Good Smile Cup Next Year!

By the way,
I also happened to write the Good Smile Lab blog today, so do take a look if you have the time!

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