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Anyway, today I’ll be taking a look at a Nendoroid who had her birthday yesterday! ♫

Nendoroid Honoka Kousaka! ♡

From the popular anime series ‘Love Live!’ comes a Nendoroid of the bright and cheerful leader of μ’s who always has a smile on her face, Honoka Kousaka! She has been sculpted wearing her outfit used in the song ‘Bokura wa Ima no Naka de’.

Honoka comes with two different smiling expressions, one with a gentle smile on her face and another filled with energy! She also comes with a variety of different parts that make all sorts of poses from the opening theme of the first series possible in Nendoroid size. Be sure to display her with the previously announced Nendoroid Nico Yazawa, as well as the other members of μ’s who are scheduled to follow shortly!

Oooooooooohhhh!!! (*´▽`*)

The founding member of μ’s who inspires the others with her cheerful personality! Honoka-chan is joining the Nendoroids! ♥

The photo above is of course the pose she takes just before breaking into song during the first season’s opening theme! All the frills, ribbons and heart shapes on her outfit are all beautifully detailed!

The ribbon on her chest is a lovely golden yellow and orange, Honoka’s image color! If you look up close you’ll notice the back choker around her neck is also faithfully included! (。・ω・)ノ゙

The heart-shaped holes on her gloves also look great!

The frills upon frills all over her outfit look great – this kind of design is really the epitome of idol outfits! It’s so cute! ♥

Also, although she is wearing a similar outfit to the previously announced Nendoroid Nico Yazawa, there have been all sorts of little changes to match her character! ( -ノェ-)

Let’s take a closer look at her expression parts!♪

Along with the gentle smile I’ve been using up until now, she also comes with a more energetic smile, ready to pass on her cheerful side to everyone!


Honoka-chaaaann!!! ヘ(゚∀゚*)ノ

Just look how happy she is!! Apparently the expression parts for Honoka all have a special little reason for being included by the figure’s planner… so let’s see what she has to say about them!

\ Planning Team Summon: Hamako!! /

(・∀・) “The gentle smiling expression was based on the smile seen in the Story Mode of the smartphone game ‘Love Live! School Idol Festival’! I’m sure that whether you’re a fan of the game or the anime, it’s definitely a figure that captures her personality nicely! It’s the kind of smile that makes anyone who sees her feel happy inside!”

The gentle expression also has a bit more of a mature feeling to it compared to the other smile…

(エ・д・) “From the second season onward Honoka has a bit more of a composed air to her, I think this expression captures that side of her too!”

We’re also joined once again by…

\ Expression Painter: Eco-shi! /

Eco-shi is a huge Love Live fan and also responsible for the expressions of the 1/8th scale Honoka Kousaka and Nendoroid Nico Yazawa!! ☆

(エ・д・) “While the main inspiration was from the game, we also took the expression from season two, where Honoka speaks with Hanayo-chan and Rin-chan, into consideration!

The confidence in her expression shows how much Honoka-chan is a pillar for the other members of μ’s!

(エ・д・) “We really wanted to capture Honoka through her expressions! I think it came out really well!”

(浜・∀・) “Speaking of capturing Honoka… this smile just beams with her cheerful personality!”

(浜・∀・) “This cheerful smile could easily be considered one of Honoka-chan’s biggest charms! While it’s also a smiling expression, the feeling to it is rather different to the gentle smile!”

Hey! I know this pose! It’s the ‘Susumeru darou ♪” part of the song!

(浜・∀・) “Yep! There are all sorts of poses from the opening theme that you can recreate, just like with Nico-chan! For example…”

\ Honki demo~ ♪ /

\ Bukiyou ~ ♪ /

Oooooooohhh!! (´□`)

(浜・∀・) “At the moment, Umi-chan and Kotori-chan are still only illustrations, but once the Nendoroids are released you’ll be able to recreate everything you see here with the figures!”

I can’t wait to get all nine members together!! They will look so amazing!!

(浜・∀・) “The other members are all in the production line! Just give us a little time and they’ll be ready to join Honoka and Nico-chan!!

I’ll be sitting and awaiting them patiently, and I’m sure many fans feel the same way! (`・ω・´)シ

\ Fight! /


I know I’ll be displaying them all around my desk!

I want Honoka-chan to be there to inspire me every day! She might be rather small as a Nendoroid, but the cheerful power is just as powerful as ever! ♥

I really… ( ・ω・)“…can’t wait until she is released!”

Today we’re even joined by the 3D Sculptor, Iguchi!

(イ ・ω・) “I was the sculptor for Nendoroid Honoka-chan!”

I heard you were a big fan of the character which led to that! Was there anything about her sculpting that made difficult to achieve your vision for her?

( イ・ω・) “There was! I really love Honoka-chan and wanted to make her as perfect as possible… so after quite a way into the sculpting I got a little uneasy and wondered whether my work was good enough for her – but in the end I spoke with some of the other members of the production team, got some great advice and was able to create something that both myself, and I think any fans of the series will be glad to own! She’s really filled with all my own love for the character, and I hope that will allow her charm to reach all the fans out there!”

Enjoy the sparkling smile of the μ’s founder whenever you need it! ♥

Nendoroid Honoka Kousaka

She’ll be up for preorder from tomorrow, the 5th August!

(浜・∀・) “Once again, orders from the Good Smile Online Shop will will include a special patterned stand, which is based on the 1st season’s opening theme

The design seems a little different to Nendoroid Nico…? (; ・`ω・´)

(・∀・) “Hehehe… if you think back to exactly how the stage looked in the opening… ♪”

…There was both a chequered stage and a striped stage! So now you can get both options! Keep these bonus parts in mind when ordering! (`・ω・´)ゞ

The striped design is included with Honoka, but you can still get the chequered design too, which is included as a GSC online Bonus with Nendoroid Nico Yazawa! Orders are open until the 20th August at 21:00JST!

GSC Online Shop: Nendoroid Nico Yazawa

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Anyways, see you again next week!!

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