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I hope everyone had a lovely weekend! The other day just before the typhoon came by Japan, I looked out the window to see a cloudy sky with a few hints of blue peeking out… it seemed like the perfect to take photos of Wo-Class!


Today I’ll be taking a look at the 1/8th scale Wo-Class! You can also take a look at Chan-shuu’s blog on her the other day! I decided to make use of the cloudy sky and the Skytree for today’s background!

Let’s start off with a look from each angle! (`・ω・´)

– 1 –

– 2 –

– 3 –

– 4 –

– 5 –

– 6 –

– 7 –

– 8 –

Waaahhh…. (*´Д`)=з

This figure is sculpted by Iwanaga Sakurako (Shokubutu Shojo-en), who is also responsible for other amazing figures such as Inori Yuzuriha and Hatsune Miku: Deep Sea Girl ver.! As usual the attention to detail is impeccable!

It feels more like I’m looking at some amazing sculpture in an art museum!

The way her ribs can be seen in front of the soft looking white skin….!

Her eyes seem to be looking far into the distance, and yet have a strong determination to them! They just suck you in… (/ω\)

It’s a little hard to tell from the photos, but the eyes actually have a slight gloss to them, which almost makes them look a little bit wet.

She also looks amazing from the back!

The curves from her thighs down to the back of her knees… the lovely round bottom…. and the twist in her body adding stretches to her skin – they all make the figure feel so very real! (´□`。)

The look in her eyes makes her seem to be staring out distantly, as if staring out to the unknown human world… and yet while looking at her body you can’t help but notice all the human-like qualities… she is so similar and so mysterious all at the same time…

Staring at her for awhile makes me feel rather… peculiar… (‘-‘*)(,_,*)(‘-‘*)(,_,*)

Plus! She also comes with an amazing base, made in the image of a raging ocean!

Just look at the power in the waves beneath her!!

Her large hat can even be removed for a rather different look! (o・ω・o)

* My background got all dark around here… (;´∀`)

The merging of mechanical and organic on her design is simply fantastic! It literally gives me the chill to look at this!! (゚A゚;)

Even the included airships each seem to have a life of their own… (*´Д`)=з

The rugged, bumpy looking skin, and the details on the blue eye section…. they leave me speechless,,,! Just look at them – the inside looks all mechanical like a camera lens or something! ♪

Enjoy the mysterious beauty of the Abyss…

Aircraft Carrier Wo-Class

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Anyways, see you again tomorrow!!

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