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Chanshuu from Good Smile Company’s Planning team here! I seem to be appearing on this blog more and more often recently… perhaps a name change is in order!

Anyway, today I will be taking a look at a figure that I really, really wanted to review on the blog! Let me get started with my review of the 1/8th scale…

Aircraft Carrier: Wo-Class!!

Finally a scale figure of Wo-Class-chan!——–(゚∀゚)——-!!

From the popular browser game ‘Kantai Collection -Kan Colle-‘ comes a 1/8th scale figure of the Abyssal’s Aircraft Carrier Wo-Class. The figure preserves the Wo-Class’ noble demeanor from the game, with an original pose which creates a mystical yet imposing atmosphere! Three of her aircraft are also included to pose floating around her, and her large hat can be removed for a rather different appearance!

I am not only a fellow admiral but a huge fan of KanColle myself , and if I ever got an opportunity to join up with the Abyssal I know my first choice of any of the characters would be Wo-Class! I know there are many admirals out there that feel the same way too!

Face Close-Up!

Her pale, almost translucent skin and beautiful sky blue eyes are so beautiful! Although the expression itself is rather expressionless, she is definitely looking ahead with a clear goal in her eyes!

Ranran from the Production Team was the one who worked on her expression, and in order to make her look more like the military vessel of the deep seas, she actually specifically left a glossy look to her eyes and lips which came out looking amazing!! ( ・∀・)

Her Legs and Base!

Her long slim legs actually have a rather cute design to them as they descend into the boots below! The feet seem to have her walking on the water with the rough ripples spreading outward, getting rougher and rougher the further they become in a rather mysterious phenomenon. The base alone is more than enough to make you picture the raging seas in your mind… truly a work of art!

I’d love to focus more on her amazing body as well… but I’ve decided I have to leave some parts of the figure for Kahotan to look at too! She will be upping a special blog this Sunday about Wo-Class!!

Now I’m going to focus a bit more on the huge hat upon her head!

Her Hat from the Side!

Her hat has a fairly peculiar design that combines an organic and mechanical appearance all into one! The turret on the side shows off the more human, technological side of her design!

Her Hat from the Back!

The back features some pipes which I can only assume are for power – they have a kind of living, vein-like look to them yet are held by metallic rings as well. The unbalance between living and mechanical is amazing!! ( ・∀・)

Her Hat from the Top + Airships!

I didn’t really mention it before, but Wo-Class also comes with three ship-borne airships to display with her! As expected of an Aircraft Carrier! They have a kind of whale-like design to them, with two blue eyes on top just like Wo-class’ hat!

3x Airships!

These are based directly on the animations from the game! They might be small in comparison to Wo-Class, but they are still impressively detailed! The three of them together make for quite a magnificent view!

Underside of the Airships!

The mechanical part of the ships is represented by their machine guns, with the teeth just beside them to keep up the incredible black/white and inorganic/mechanical contrast! I think these things are more like people than they are creatures of the sea…. (((’Д’;)))

This next photo is my personal favorite shot for today!

“Conquer the Seas.”

Aircraft Carrier Wo-Class, invading your collection soon!

Well? What did you think? There is actually still one additional aspect to this figure that makes her even more special…!

Her hat can be removed!!!

This gives you a lovely clear look at her expression…!

However! I shall not be giving everyone a look at this today! You’ll have to check the GSC Website from tomorrow!! She is scheduled to be up on the site from 12:00JST tomorrow!

Anyway, that’s all for today! I’m sure we shall meet again sometime soon! (*^_^*)ノシ

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