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Hello everyone, Kahotan here! (gsc_kahotan)

I’ve always been quite bad at games… that’s not to say I don’t like them, I just have a really bad gaming sense and will always end up losing… _:(´ཀ`」 ∠):_

Anyway, today I’m going to be taking a look at the 1/8th scale… 
Chiaki Nanami! ♡

From ‘Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair’ comes a 1/8th scale figure of the “Super Duper Gamer” Chiaki Nanami! She is posed with Monomi by her side as she plays on her gaming console, all sculpted as if floating in the air.

Her expression, pose and intricate detail on even the smallest parts such as the controller have all been carefully sculpted to bring out Chiaki’s character. The base of the figure is made to look like Monokuma’s head, as if chasing the two of them as they float above him – bringing out the Danganronpa universe for fans to enjoy!

Ooooooohhhh!! (*´Д`)

Cute with some amazing volume for a 1/8th scale figure!! 
I’m not certain where to take a look at first! 

Chiaki is posed as if floating in the air, together with Monomi and a TV – all held up with clear stands coming off the stand! They all hold in place very securely, so don’t worry about that! (`・ω・´)

The pose, balance and use of space is definitely one of the biggest highlights of the figure, but the sculpting is also nothing to forget! Each and every part is beautifully detailed!

The cords coming out from the TV also look lovely! (‘-‘*)(,_,*)(‘-‘*)(,_,*)
I successfully managed to capture this angle without showing too much!

Plus we can’t leave out the giant Monokuma base! <●><●>

The contrast between the vicious Monokuma and the more relaxed looking Chiaki-chan and Monomi is lovely! (・∀・)

The mid-air pose is captured nicely with the dynamic sculpting of her hair and skirt, and the sleepy looking expression on her face captures her personality nicely! Her retro game hair accessory is also faithfully included!

Her cat-ear hoodie and pink kitty bag are also looking lovely! ♪

Even Monomi’s diaper is colored and sculpted amazingly, just look at the creases and buttons! It even looks rather soft!

The movement and creases on her hoodies are also very impressive…  not to mention those adorable sleeves that are just too long for her!

If you look from higher up angles you’ll actually notice that Chiaki has a bit of hidden sexy charm too! Her chest has fairly impressive volume, and her hip and bottom line are absolutely stunning! ♡ 

Plus her ankle bone is somehow really enthralling to me!

This angle makes it look like Monokuma is going to grab her in his teeth in no time at all! (; ・`ω・´)

The details on the smaller items like her shoes and the gaming console is very intricate too!  I love figures like have a bold composition, ready to tell a story all by themselves! ♡

The Danganronpa 2 universe and Chiaki-chan’s character have all been squished down into figure form! ♪

(・∀・) “This pose was thought up right here by Phat! Company!”

We’re joined by the figure’s planner, Takamatsu-shi!

(・∀・) “It was the result of trying to bring out Chiaki Nanami’s personality and the Danganronpa universe as much as possible in a single figure!”  

(・∀・) “No matter what angle you choose to look from there is something special to enjoy – from the TV with an actual game screen showing, the console and controller, Monomi… we wanted to make sure that no matter where you look from, fan’s would find something to appreciate!”

There are so many different parts all over and yet it still all comes together as a single figure so nicely! ヽ(*・ω・)人(・ω・*)ノ

(・∀・) “We hope fans will enjoy her from all sorts of different angles!”

Danganronpa compressed into a figure with a giant Monokuma base to boot!

The 1/8th Scale:
Chiaki Nanami!

She’ll be up for preorder from the 27th May!

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