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Recently I’ve had this strange urge to try fishing. There was a popular TV show here in Japan where they caught fish and squid and then ate them right there on the boat. Ever since watching it, I’ve wanted to try some freshly fished fish (try saying that 10 times fast!) for myself…

But anyway, today I’m going to be taking a look at…

Medicchu KanColle Aircraft Carrier Wo-Class! ♪

From the popular game ‘Kantai Collection -KanColle-‘ comes a figure of the aircraft carrier ‘Wo-class’ based on an illustration by Kengou Yagumo – ready to join the adorable ‘Medicchu’ series of chibi figures!

Wo-class is the first Medicchu from the enemy side and features removable head parts! Be sure to give her lots of love together with the other characters in the series. More Medicchu from the enemy fleet are also scheduled to be joining her soon!


I gave a tiny preview of her on the blog quite awhile back, sorry for the wait!!
The very first enemy ship here to join the Medicchu series! (*´▽`*)

Her adorable yet somewhat evil appearance is simply lovely! As usual the design is based off an illustration by Kengou Yagumo! ♥

This is how she looks from the back! ♪

Look at the little anchor hanging off her back!! (`・ω・´)

You don’t get much chance to see the Wo-Class from the back in the game, but on the figure you can spin her around and enjoy from any angle you please! ♪

(・∀・) “This Wo-Class does have a few points that were included based on how Phat! company imagined them!”

We’re joined by the figure’s designer, Takamatsu-shi!

(・∀・) “A lot of the KanColle characters are based off a few illustrations without specific set details for areas such as the back, sides, or anything not in the illustrations. This anchor was actually something we noticed in a certain magazine not long ago, and quickly added it in!”

I see… but if there are no specific character designs, does that mean that planning the figure has a little more flexibility?

(・∀・) “It does. We obviously used Kengou Yagumo’s illustration as the main basis for the figure, but anything that wasn’t specifically illustrated was decided on by the team. I suppose you could say it’s a ‘Phat Company Wo-Class’!”

I see, I see! So each different company might have a slightly differently designed Wo-Class depending on their points of view! It might actually be quite interesting to see how other Wo-Class figures come out in the future!

(・∀・) “Here is another thing we decided needed to be a part of Wo-Class…”

Oooooohhhhh!! ( ゚д゚)
H-Her head! It came off!!

(・∀・) “That’s right! We decided to make the head part removable!

It leaves the Wo-Class looking like she is wearing a hoodie… (゚A゚;)

(・∀・) “Yep! Once again, this is Phat! Company’s Wo-Class only though! Somehow it just looked like the head part should do this to us!”

This form takes away a bit of the evil and adds even more cute! ♪

(・∀・) “To explain even further… we think the head part is a completely different being! A relationship kind of like Shimakaze and Rensouhou-chan! Just the thoughts of a few admirals perhaps… but I think the concept is a lot of fun!”

It looks like the two of them are having a conversation… how adorable
Looking at just the head part itself… it’s actually rather large too!

(・∀・) “The Wo-Class design itself is actually rather simple. It’s this head piece that really brings everything together and makes for the unique design that everyone has come to love!”

Even with the simple design, the details on the edges of her outfit and curls in her hair are lovely to see! (*´Д`)

The cannon on the side of the head, and the jellyfish-like ‘legs’ are also lovely! The colors work so well with each other!

(・∀・) “The left eye on the head part also makes use of clear parts to add a more mysterious, glowing effect to the figure!”

The adorable member of the enemy fleet… ♡

Medicchu KanColle Aircraft Carrier Wo-Class! ♪

She’ll be up for preorder from tomorrow, the 20th May!

(・∀・) “Also! We plan to have more members from the enemy side join the Medicchu series soon! We hope you’ll look forward to them too!”

Ooh, I’ll be sitting here waiting patiently!! っ((o(´∀`)o))
Watch my blog and Twitter for updates!! ♪

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Anyway, I hope to see you all again tomorrow!

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