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Recently the offices have been really hot so I often reply on some ice cream to cool off a little. Simple vanilla ice cream in a cup is my current favorite!

But anyway, today I’m going to be taking a look at…

Nendoroid Kaga! ♫

The fourth character to join the Nendoroid series from the popular browser game ‘Kantai Collection -KanColle-‘ is the aircraft carrier, Kaga! She comes with three expressions including her standard expression, a glaring expression as well as a smiling expression. She also comes with optional parts such as planes to display soaring around her, as well as her bow and arrow.

She also comes with a kotatsu table for her and he fellow aircraft carrier Akagi to sit at, along with some delicious stew for them to enjoy! A container for rice which she can carry around is also included. All sorts of items allowing you to display her more comical side together with Akagi.

Apologies for the wait, admirals! (*´▽`*)

Another aircraft carrier that takes pride in being a part of the First Carrier Division – just like Akagi! ♡

The calm, composed and beautiful Kaga looks absolutely lovely! (*´Д`)

Just like Akagi, she also comes with a load of optional parts! First up are these little planes too display flying around her, as well as her bow and arrow – all important aspects of the aircraft carrier characters! (ノ`・∀・)ノ

“Don’t worry. I’ve got this.”

I can just hear her saying that line in my head!! She looks so confident! (゚A゚;)

Another thing I love about her is the blue outfit in complete contrast to Akagi’s red outfit! The ship deck part is also made in lovely detail! Σ(・Д・」)

(・∀・) “There are many more special parts to come!!”

Today we’re joined by Kaga’s planner, Kyojin!!

(・∀・) “Kaga is the fourth Nendoroid in the KanColle series, but just like the previous characters she comes with a fun selection of parts to choose from! Take a look for yourselves!”

Ooooooohhh!!! (°Д°;≡°Д°;)

(・∀・) “She comes with a pile of tangerines, as well as a bowl of ‘nikujyaga’ stew which comes up in her time announcement lines all the time. The various food shows just how much Kaga loves to eat… she is after all one of the few who can surpass Akagi! The rice container in the image above is actually included with Akagi… but Kaga comes with one for herself which she can hold instead!”

“I shall not relinquish this!”

Ooh! It might be a little hard to tell from the photo, but the rice container can be held nice and close – it connects onto her perfectly neatly! This expression seems to suit her so nicely too! (*´Д`)b

(・∀・) “It was loosely based on her half-damage expression – a kind of, quiet but angry expression!”

The expression has a fairly mature air to it as well… if a somewhat troubled!

(・∀・) “The expression can actually be used for all sorts of poses depending on how you look at it! Another example will come later!”

By the way… all this food is on a lovely little table…! Σ(・Д・」)

(・∀・) “That’s right! She even comes with a kotatsu table… which even has the heater on the bottom!”

Oooh! Lovely!! ヽ(*・ω・)人(・ω・*)ノ

The kotatsu also seems to have a second cushion with it… a red cushion…

(・∀・) “Indeed! This is of course to allow for this!”

Oooohh!! (*´▽`*)

Just look how happy Akagi-san is munching on her rice together with Kaga!♡

(・∀・) “Considering the parts that Akagi came with, we really wanted to be able to pose the two of them together like this! But there is another scene… a slightly sadder scene that can also be reenacted with the Nendoroids…”

Hmm? Kyojin seems a little depressed all of a sudden…?

( ・ ・) “Akagi and Kaga are destined to part during the war…”

(´ ;ω;`)(´;ω; `)

( ・ ・) “Those of you who know the actual ships will know that historically… Kaga sunk one day before Akagi. You can even recreate their parting like this!”

All sorts of possibilities with the various expressions and extra parts… meaning all sorts of fun to be had! The parts really allow for a story to be told! (`・ω・´)

(・∀・) “Displaying her together with Akagi or the other KanMusu girls will bring out the KanColle universe more than ever!”

Bring the cool and composed Kaga home with you to keep you company!

Nendoroid Kaga!

She is scheduled to go up for preorder on the 15th May!

By the way… Nendoroid Akagi is scheduled to ship out from GSC on the 14th May, which means… Kaga is being officially announced one day after Akagi’s release! (。・ω・)ノ゙

I wonder if this was a planned schedule…?

(・∀・) “Haha! Of course it was! Plus this time we’re also preparing the usual GOOD SMILE ONLINE SHOP Bonus!”

Ah, the special product sleeve and stand, right? (‘-‘*)(,_,*)(‘-‘*)(,_,*)

– Special Sleeve and Stand –
(*Image is an example from Akagi)

(・∀・) “Kaga-san actually features in the background of Akagi’s special sleeve! What will Kaga’s sleeve design look like? You’ll have to wait and see!!”

Keep your eyes on the GSC website and Twitter for updates!!

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