The Grand Opening!!

Hello everyone, Kahotan here! (@gsc_kahotan)

The other day I was allowed to sneek into the Good Smile x animate cafe one day before the official opening!


A collaboration cafe between Good Smile Company and animate to bring out the atmosphere of the world behind the theme cafes!

The place is just as before, the AKIBA Cultures ZONE 5F!! (=゚ω゚)ノ
Google Maps:

The very first theme for the cafe is none other than…

The School Idol Project, Love Live! ♡


Love Live! Theme Cafe

Location: Good Smile x animate Cafe @ Akihabara
Dates: 25th April 2014 – 30th July 2014

*Seats are all based on a lottery reservation system.
Please see the following page with regard to reserving a set:

Menu Information can be found here:

Love Live! Official Website:

Anyway, let’s head inside! (`・ω・´)


Anybody home…?


Oooooooh!! ♡

The cafe is filled with so many lovely colors! ヽ(o´∀`o)ノ


The walls are covered in Love Live posters and tapestries! ♫


There are also notebooks for customers to leave their thoughts! (o・ω・o)


I’m sure these will fill up with Love Live fans loving messages in no time at all!

Let’s move onto the menu!


Everything looks delicious! The menu is filled with food and drink based around the μ’s members and their image colors! ((o(´∀`)o))

Here’s a closer look at the menu! ♪


T-There is too much to choose from! I don’t know what to pick!! (; ・`ω・´)

Since I’m here, I may as well try something from each of the characters!! (*´Д`)

Starting with the drinks, I decided to try… ♪


From the right:
· Maki Nishikino’s Rose Soda
· Nozomi Toujou’s Acai Juice
· Kotori Minami’s Black Sesame Seed Soy Milk Yogurt
· Umi Sonoda’s Blue Fruit Juice
· Hanayo Koizumi’s Green Apple Juice

I-I don’t think I’m going to be able to drink this all alone. Fortunately I had some other staff members with me this time to help me get through the drink!

– Maki Nishikino’s Rose Soda –


A nice sweet drink, best mixed before drinking!

– Umi Sonoda’s Blue Fruit Juice –


Just from the color you can tell this is Umi-chan! ♡
The drink has some jelly inside!

– Nozomi Toujou’s Acai Juice –


I’ve been rather addicted to acai drinks recently, so Iw as very happy to see this here! It really gives off that ‘cafe’ drink feeling!

Kotori Minami’s Black Sesame Seed Soy Milk Yogurt was a bit of a strange combination… but the taste was fantastic! Hanayo Koizumi’s Green Apple Juice was also a nice simple and sweet drink… I gulped most of it down in no time…! ♪

Next up we had food and dessert!


There is so much… it all looks delicious! Time to dig in!! (ノ´▽`)ノ

– Rin Hoshizora’s Pork Kimchi and Chinese Noodles –


The kimchi are really the ideal level of spiciness, and absolutely delicious!! The included soup was also a flavor that suited my tastes perfectly!

For dessert…

Honoka Kousaka’s Strawberry Parfait!


Thick strawberry sauce, whipped cream and strawberries! An absolutely delicious dessert!

– Nico Yazawa’s Fruit Soup –


The name on the menu was too interesting to not try! A tropical, mangoish fruit soup sause with banana mousse and ice cream! The all went together perfectly! ♥

– Eli Ayase’s Chocolate Cake Set –


Even just looking at it… it seems so cute and perfect for a girl to eat… I’m on my third dessert, but I can’t resist!


Oooh! It’s so dense and delicious! ♥♥

The cake made me feel like a queen… it was such high quality!! The combination of vanilla ice cream just made it all the more luxurious! ☆

Phew… so many sweet goodies… it’s time to clear the palate with something savory! (/ω・\)

With that said… add one more thing to my order!

– Maki Nishikino’s Shrimp & Tomato Salad –


This was also so delicious! The tomato, shrimp and cheese alone were amazing enough, but underneath all that was also some zucchini, paprica – various fried vegetables too!

Not only delicious, but also a great size! (*´▽`*)

By the way, for each item ordered from the menu, a special coaster will be provided!

Note that the coaster is random, and not based on what you order!

* Design cannot be picked.

Hmm… I also think I see a showcase in the distance!


In this display case you’ll find the Nendoroid Petite: Love Live! and Nendoroid Petite: Love Live! School idol paradise figures on display! ♪


The second set of course hasn’t even gone on sale yet, so this is a great change to get a look at them with your very own eyes! ε=(。・д・。)


☆PS Vita Game: Love Live! School idol paradise Official Site:

There is also another campaign going on in the cafe! (`・ω・´)ノ

The Picnic Girl Poll!

The character voted into first place will be specially illustrated and changed into a product at a later stage (゚A゚;)

You can find more info over on this page:


There are also some lovely goods on sale at the cafe! ★


Folding character stands exclusive to the cafe!

Each of the characters features their very own image colors! (ノ`・∀・)ノ

If you’re a Love Live! fan then make sure you don’t miss out!!

I’m glad I have a cafe to stop by in Akihabara again! I’ll be taking a look at more themes on the blog when they come arround!


☆ Good Smile x animate cafe Official Page: 

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/Kahotan’s Inner Voice\

 ( o・ω・).。0   (Last weekend was NicoNico Choukaigi 3!
 ( つ⊂ )            Did You watch the live broadcast?)

Anyway, I hope to see you all again next week!

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