“No! The precious equipment I got from the admiral… it’s ruined!”

Hello everyone, Kahotan here! (@gsc_kahotan)

I’m always happy to gracefully enjoy a cup of tea… but if there are teatime snacks you can be sure that I’ll be munching down with fury!! I always look forward to the new snacks that come out around Spring too… I’m sure I’ll be munching on them soon!! (; ・`ω・´)

Today I’m going to be taking a look at Max Factory’s…

1/8th Scale:
Kongo: Half-Damage ver.! ♡

From the popular social game ‘Kantai Collection -KanColle-‘ comes a 1/8th scale figure of the Super Dreadnought Battleship, Kongo! She has been sculpted in her damaged version that is reached after falling below half heath.

The damaged appearance shows off her captivating body beneath the ‘precious equipment’ she received from the admiral – and the damaged look of her outfit itself has also been very intricately sculpted for fans to enjoy!

“Wow! Congratulations!” (*´▽`*)

We showed off the colored prototype some time ago, so apologies for the long wait for preorders! Max Factory has been working hard to make sure she was prefect before release!

I figured everyone would want a closer look, so I stole borrowed it from Max Factory for a review! (`・ω・´)

Let’s start off from with the ship parts on her back! ♪

Each of the different turret sections each have their own unique sculptwork that shows off the damage in amazing detail!!

(・∀・) “Take a look from the side too!”

Today we’re joined by the figure’s planner, Kaneko Nitohei! (Max Factory)

(・∀・) “Every nook and cranny of the ship and turrets has been carefully sculpted to truly bring out a ‘damaged’ feeling. My personal favorite part are the points between sections, where you can actually see a cross-section of the ship!”

Ooooohhh!! ( ゚д゚)
Even the layers on the inside of the ship have been included!

(・∀・) “Obviously this part of the figure was never visible on the original illustration – but on the figure you get to enjoy the details from any angle you like!”

The charred and cracked areas of the paintwork also add to the effect… it really makes you wonder what an epic battle she must have been in! ( -ノェ-)

(・∀・) “Everything that was visible in the original illustration has been sculpted as faithfully as possible to the original. Take a look at the broken off piece on the left end, for example!”

Y-Yes! T-This is quite the sight!! <●><●>

… the damaged design really does look just like the original illustration!

(・∀・) “You can see we put a lot of work into getting the heavy, boorish look of the ship parts right… but that obviously doesn’t mean we skimped on the sexy side!”

Kongo has a fairly revealing outfit even in her standard form… when it comes to the damaged form it really is quite a sight to behold! (*´Д`)

(・∀・) “Almost any angle you look from gives you a teasing glimpse of her lovely body!”

The contrast between the dark, heavy ship section and the light, white clothes is simply amazing!!

(・∀・) “Just to let everyone know in advance… as much is it may look like certain parts of the outfit may ‘flip’ to show more, that’s not the case! However… the outfit itself is ALL sculpted down to the finest of details!

…! (`・ω・´)
So what you’re trying to say is…!

Forgive me Kongo…!

*Now checking areas not visible in photos*


(・∀・) “Everyone else can take a nice close look once she arrives at your home!”

The little tears on her stockings showing off some extra skin are also lovely!

(・∀・) “It’s a very special figure that we’ve put a lot of love into. Both the heavy look of the ship parts and the sexy side of Kongo has all been faithfully sculpted! She’s really a pleasure to look at from all sorts of angles, so I hope fans will pick her up and enjoy!”

A figure of the admiral-loving Kongo, ready to be loved back! ♥

1/8th Scale:
Kongo: Half-Damage ver.!

She will be up for preorder from the 11th April 2014!

You can also see some more photos on the figma blog! She was introduced there yesterday: http://ameblo.jp/figma/entry-11818006549.html

Oh yes! Kaneko Nitohei-san! I believe there are more Kanmusu Half-Damage versions on their way… right? ヽ(*・ω・)人(・ω・*)ノ

(・∀・) “Yep! So far we’ve announced I-58, I-168 and I-19!

Some of you may remember that I-58’s colored prototype was even on display at the Miyazawa Model Exhibition!

(・∀・) “She’ll probably be up for preorder… around next month?

Seems like we can look forward to KanColle figures from Max Factory for some time to come! ε=(。・д・。)

But… why are all of the line-up after Kongo submarine girls?!

(・∀・) “That… would be personal taste! They’re adorable!”

(Nitohei’s favorite characters often seem to be in the Max Factory lineup…!)

(・∀・) “I’m sure the Kanmusu figure series will continue for awhile to come! We hope the admirals out there will continue to support us!”


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Finally a quick notice!

This morning the GOODSMILE ONLINE SHOP was revamped!! ★

It’s much easier to find and buy things now!

Recently products with special bonuses on the GSC Online Shop are been on the increase, so be sure to take a look! (`・ω・´)

As the site has just been launched there may be bugs still – the team will be working on fixes and improvements wherever possible! There are also some plans for some revamp specials coming next week… so keep your eyes peeled!

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/Kahotan’s Inner Voice\

 ( `・ω・).。0   (Tomorrow’s preorders are not only Kongo… but also the Hero of Winds!)
 ( つ⊂ )

Anyway, I hope to see you all again tomorrow!

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