Hello everyone, Kahotan here! (@gsc_kahotan)

Yesterday was April Fools as well as the welcome ceremony for new employees… it ended up as a rather busy day! But today we’re back to normal!

With that said, time to take a look at a soon to be released figure…

Nendoroid Eren Yeager!

He is the third in the Attack on Titan series following on from the previously released Nendoroid Colossus Titan & Attack Playset and Nendoroid Mikasa Ackerman!

This is how the packaging looks! ヽ(*・ω・)人(・ω・*)ノ

He comes with a number of bent arms and legs which I personally love to see!

Not to mention just like Mikasa he comes with smoke effect parts to display him in dynamic combat scenes with the vertical maneuvering equipment!

Displaying him with the Titan and Mikasa really brings out the atmosphere of the Attack on Titan universe nicely! (ノ`・∀・)ノ

I just wish I could hurry up and add Levi and Armin to the scene too! (゚A゚;)
Just like Mikasa, Eren also comes with this rather special part! ♫

This special extra little stand allows you to display the figure with a special background card! (`・ω・´)ゞ

The inner cardboard of the Nendoroid’s box features perforated lines which allows you to get this rectangular piece for an awesome wall background!

Just the background alone adds a little extra to the atmosphere! ♡

He also comes with the bloody effect parts to attach to his blades and pose him in action! ヽ(・∀・)ノ

Another very important set of items… the questioning scene! A special body and the pillar are both included! We just need Levi here now!!

Note that the alternate body is only the middle body part! The lower body and legs are used with both bodies!

You can also pose him ready to protect Mikasa and Armin! ♪

I’m afraid I don’t have any news on Armin just yet… but as soon as I do I’ll be sure to pass it on to everyone! ( -ノェ-)

By the way… the 30th of March was Eren’s birthday!

Happy Belated Birthday!! (o・ω・o)

*Eren Birthday Cake!*

This cake is actually an eraser! It just seemed the perfect size to display with a Nendoroid so I grabbed it!

~ 4-Panel Nendoroid Manga Start ~ 

“You missed his birthday by four days!! How dare you!”.
Uh-oh… Mikasa seems rather upset…

“C-Calm down!”
Eren tries to talk some sense into Mikasa…

Eren is left speechless by Mikasa’s imposing presence…

“Do I really look like I need to calm down?”.
Eren quickly changes his mind.

~ 4-Panel Nendoroid Manga End ~

The more serious the real story is, the more I seem to enjoy making more silly things like this… ^^; By the way, the expression used for Mikasa is actually the Prafka-effect expression from Nendoroid Inia Sestina!

A whole bunch of fun and the ability to pose countless scenes from the series! ♪

Nendoroid Eren Yeager!

He’ll be shipping out from GSC on the 10th April 2014!

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Don’t forget that the exclusive Nendoroid: Asuna: Titania Ver. is also waiting to be rescued from the GOOD SMILE ONLINE SHOP!

Orders for Asuna are open until the 14th April at 21:00JST!
Don’t miss out on your chance to set her free!


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/Kahotan’s Inner Voice\

 ( *´▽`).。0   (The scale figure of Mikasa is also coming along nicely!)
 ( つ⊂ )

Anyway, I hope to see you all again tomorrow!

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