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I was always bad with the electric saw in arts and craft classes making each and everyone of them a huge struggle for no real reason… the way something so thin could cut through wood so easily was always kind of scary! (´=ω=`)

But anyway, today I’m going to be taking a look at…

Nendoroid Black Gold Saw: TV ANIMATION Ver.

From the anime that aired during Fuji TV’s noitaminA block, ‘Black Rock Shooter’ comes a Nendoroid of Black Gold Saw in her updated design from the TV anime series! Her trademark weapon, the giant ‘King Saw’ as well as the watering can she used in the series are both included. Additionally, the ‘incomplete girls’ from the series are also included in miniature size.

She comes with two expressions including her standard expression as well as a combat expression for fighting scenes. Her knees are also specially articulated, allowing you to recreate even more of your favorite scenes from the series!

It’s been about two years since the series aired on noitaminA, but finally we have the fifth character join the Nendoroid series!

Black Gold Saw has always been the more relaxed of the characters, and that composed look transfers into Nendoroid form beautifully! ♡

Of course her giant weapon ‘King Saw’ is included too, and it looks rather frightening, even in Nendoroid size! (`・ω・´)

The little ornaments all over her outfit have been painted and sculpted with such intricacy! She also comes with a combat expression, perfect for displaying together with the King Saw! ♡

The teeth sticking out the side of her mouth add both a cute aspect and gives her a look that is ready for combat!

Just like the OVA version of Gold Saw, she also features joints in her knees for extra little changes when striking a pose! Those smaller changes are really what make for the most personalized displays! ε=(。・д・。)

I absolutely love this silent, menacing look she has while holding the King Saw… as if ready to strike at any point! (/ω\)

(・∀・) “There is still a lot more to her though!”

Today we’re joined by the head planner of this Nendoroid, Otanaka!

(・∀・) “This time she even comes with her watering can!

Oooh! I remember this!! ( ゚д゚)!

(・∀・) “I’m sure you do! It was used in the series to increase the number of incomplete girls in the Hollow World!”

It also has a similar appearance to the King Saw, which helps bring the whole figure together nicely! ヽ(*・ω・)人(・ω・*)ノ

(・∀・) “But that’s not all… if the watering can is included, then these also just had to be included!”

Ooh! The Incomplete Girls are also included?!

(・∀・) “Yep! we decided to include two of them too! The expressions are even slightly different!”

I-It’s true!! (゚A゚;)

** Size comparison with wooser **

(・∀・) “The heads are even turnable, allowing for slightly different renditions!”

By the way… a strange pedestal has been featuring in the last few photos…? Could it be what I think it is?

(・∀・) “That’s a special stand included with her! It’s based on the elevated areas in the series!”

So that means an extra stand is included too! (ノ`・∀・)ノ
Definitely a suitable stand for the BRS universe too!♡

(・∀・) “I recommend displaying her with the other characters from the series to bring out the universe even more!”

Add her to your collection and sink into the BRS world!

Nendoroid Black Gold Saw: TV ANIMATION Ver.

She’ll be up for preorder from tomorrow, the 27th February! (`・ω・´)

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