Kahotan is currently away in Hokkaido for the 65th Sapporo Snow Festival & SNOW MIKU 2014, so I have taken over today’s blog in her place! My name is Shuutarou Hirase from the planning team, and I’ll be writing today’s blog!

WonFes has come to an end and one of the biggest themes at almost any booth this time around was of course Kantai Collection -KanColle-! The GSC booth itself had a load of new KanColle figures on display as well as various goods on sale!

Today I’m going to be taking a look at the current GSC & Tetsujin Theme Café… the encore of the… KanColle Café!

The café is labelled as “encore”, but it’s not just a rehash of the old stuff! There are some band new features as well!

#1: Additional Menu Options!

Along with all the options of the original menu, the new menu includes new options based on the KanMusu Shigure Kai 2

As well as the most popular enemy character, the Wo-Class Carrier!

The color of the jelly on the Wo-Class changes each day randomly, but you might end up with the Elite or Flagship class if you’re lucky!!

#2: New KanMusu Panels on Display!!

In order to make admirals such as myself feel more welcome, even more of the girls have been added as huge character panels scattered throughout the café!

These two from the Big 7!

The 1st Carrier Division. Be sure to keep an eye on them while eating…!

These two are the 5th Carrier Division!
They’re placed far away from Kaga to avoid any fights…

Tenryuu & Tatsuta!

(* ´ω`*). 。0(Yumechi’s live Tatsuta performance at WonFes was amazing!)

You’re welcome o take a picture next to your favorite character too!

*Note #1: Please don’t touch them while taking the photos!
*Note #2: Be sure not to disturb other customers while taking the photo. Avoid flashes!

Other Kanmusu will also be waiting for you too!

~ How to Visit ~

If you wish to visit the Café then we’d really like you to make use of our Online Reservation System! It helps prevent long queues and ensures you can sit down and eat whenever you want to!

On the top right of the café page you’ll find a reserve button as circled here! From there just follow the information on screen and complete your registration! (The system is currently only available in Japanese, but you can reserve from anywhere! Apologies for the inconvenience!)

I hope you’ll all take a visit to the KanColle Café!!


Next up is a little extra KanColle notice! Don’t forget about these WF items on sale at the GOODSMILE ONLINE SHOP

Orders close on the 17th February 2014 at 21:00JST!!
(Note these products are only available within Japan at present)

Medicchu KanColle: Tenryuu & Tatsuta Set

Yuka Iguchi-san herself mentioned just how cute they were during the WonFes stage… they really are adorable!

Bath Time Collection: KanColle Docking Set

Adorable bath goods featuring illustrations by CHANxCO!
Make every bath time double the fun!

*This item is limited in stock. Order early to avoid disappointment.
Orders close on the 17th February 2014 at 21:00JST!!

Don’t miss out!!


Finally… a quick sneak peek at one of the KanColle figures that debuted at WonFes… The 1/8th Scale Wo-Class Carrier!

It’s still in the early prototype stages and isn’t even painted yet… but already you can see all of Wo-chan’s adorable characteristics coming out! We’ll be brushing her up more shortly for everyone to enjoy!!

But that’s all from me for today! Time to pass the baton back to Kahotan!

See you all again sometime soon~~~(・∀・)ノ