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Today I’m going to be taking a look at two separate products, starting off with a standard release and moving back to the WonFes reviews!

First up is one who holds the power of The Star’s elemental tarot…

Nendoroid Seira Hoshikawa!

From the anime series ‘Day Break Illusion’ comes a Nendoroid of the character who holds the power of The Star’s elemental tarot, Seira Hoshikawa!

Seira comes with two completely separate head parts, allowing you to display her in both her standard and transformed versions! She also comes with ‘The Star’ tarot card as well as her weapon, the Crystal Bow, allowing you to pose her in all sorts of scenes from the series. Be sure to display her with the previously announced Nendoroid Akari Taiyo!

The beautiful Seira with her cool, focused personality is joining Akari-chan in the Nendoroid world! ♡

Even as a Nendoroid she boasts such a powerful presence! Sometimes its nice to see confident characters like this instead of the standard cute once in awhile!

Seira was driven and focused, suppressing all her personal feelings when battling against the Daemonia. But after meeting Akari and the others she becomes a little more open minded and friendly! ( -ノェ-)

Just like Akari, she comes with her elemental tarot card included!

The contrast of the adorable Nendoroid design and the confident looking expression is so lovely! As she is the user of ‘The Star’ elemental tarot, you can see her character design is filled with stars making for a very adorable outfit! ♡

I really did like Akari’s uniform-like outfit… but Seira’s outfit shows off more of her legs which I will never say no to!! (ΦωΦ)
Not to mention you can get a slight glimpse at her tummy! ☆

(・∀・) “Just like with Akari, you can display Seira in Tenebrae Mode!

We’re joined by the Nendoroid’s planner, Yassan!!

Let’s take a look at the Tenebrae mode! ★

She’s so awesome!! (*´Д`)♡

(・∀・) “Just like Akari Taiyo, she comes with a completely alternate head part to recreate this form! Her Crystal Bow is also included and she can be displayed firing it for a very epic pose, great for combat scenes!”

The crystals at the base of her twintails and on the back of her hands are also included I see! ε=(。・д・。)

(・∀・) “Yes! We also paid special attention to the coloring and sculptwork of her hair – particularly the gradient on her twin tails as you can see!”

Even the braided section in the middle has been shrunk down to Nendoroid-size!

(・∀・) “As you’d expect, her twintails are fitted with ball joints allowing you to match them to almost any pose!”

Posing them a little bit further apart definitely gives a much more dynamic feeling to the figure!

The eyes of the Tenebrae Mode also give off a very different atmosphere!
It’s amazing how much she changes!ヽ(*・ω・)人(・ω・*)ノ

(・∀・) “Enjoy both her standard and Tenebrae modes as much as they like!!”

Strong, brave, epic and composed! Plus the ability to pose her in either form! ♡

Nendoroid Seira Hoshikawa!

She’ll be up for preorder from tomorrow!!

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Only 4 days left until WonFes! ☆


Now let’s move onto the next WonFes product review!

– WonFes Products – (*There are other goods too!)

(GSC) Nendoroid Mami Tomoe: School Uniform Ver.
Nendoroid Snow Miku: Magical Snow Ver.
(MAX) figma Armin Arlert
figma Snow Miku
(Phat!) Medicchu Tenryuu & Tatsuta Set
(GSC) Bath Time Collection: KanColle Docking Set

There are various other goods that will also be on sale at the event, which you can find out more about on the official page below here: WONDERFUL HOBBY LIFE FOR YOU!! 19

Today I’ll be taking a look at…

Medicchu Tenryuu & Tatsuta Set!

From the popular game ‘Kantai Collection -KanColle-‘ comes a set of the light cruisers Tenryuu & Tatsuta, joining the new ‘Medicchu’ series! The Medicchu series features larger figures than the Minicchu series, allowing for more detail to be added to the ship and weapon parts of the characters! The KanColle Medicchu series is also set to continue, so look forward to more!

“If you’re headed to the WonFes ocean then don’t leave us out, okay?”

The two sisters want to be picked up from the WonFes ocean!! (*´▽`*)
They’re the first in Phat! Company’s newest figure series – the Medicchu series!

First up, the Tenryuu Class Light Cruiser! ♡

– Tenryuu –

The Medicchu series are about 65mm in height! Around the same size as a Nendoroid Petite – but they seem to have much more volume to them…! Particularly around the breast area!!

– Tatsuta –

The diameter of the stands are about 60mm and include the ‘KanColle’ logo on them! The details of the outfits, ship parts and weapons are also amazing… and yet still so cute!

So cute that I can’t get enough of them!! <●><●>

The antenna on Tenryuu’s head are fitted with ball joints for you to alter the direction of them! Her weapon is also articulated for slight changes too! ♪

Additionally, the heads of both of them can be swiveled from left to right to help you display them in your collection nicely! (σ・∀・)σ

It’s actually quite amazing how much changing the direction of the head can alter the overall feeling of the figure to me! You need to play around and find the angle that fits you best! ♡

Here the size is compared with one of the Medicchu IDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls 02 that went on sale last month!

Ah!! Ranko-chan is so cute!! (*´▽`*)

Comparing the Medicchu to the 50mm Minicchu makes for a nice comparison I think! Plus on the note of Ranko-chan… don’t forget that figma Ranko Kanzaki is up for preorder now! (`・ω・´)

Orders close on the 26th February at 21:00JST, so don’t miss out! ★

☆ Product Info: http://www.goodsmile.info/en/product/4211/
☆ GSC Online Shop: http://goodsmile-global.ecq.sc/maxfigwd00215.html

Anyway, I’m told that more characters will be joining the Medicchu series soon, so keep an eye out! I’m sure some new info will arise during WonFes!!

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